Seven Ways Avibra Changed The Benefits Game

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A sudden, unexpected financial calamity is never easy, but neither is obtaining and affording supplemental benefits. Life insurance, accident insurance, things of that sort – they sound nice, but they’re not necessarily among my most urgent spending priorities. Plus, it feels overwhelming to buy so many plans from so many companies. Avibra solves this problem while improving my everyday health – here’s how Avibra’s one-of-a-kind Dollar Benefit Club makes securing benefits easy and accessible.

1. Supplemental, a la carte insurance from $1 per week

It’s in the name: With the Avibra Dollar Benefit Club, I pay just $1 per week for each of the benefits I choose from Avibra’s selections. Right now, I’m paying just $1 total per week for $20k in life insurance to protect my family if tragedy strikes. If I want additional plans, I can get them for just $1 each per week! 

2. Tele-health benefits from $1 per week and no co-pays

Avibra offers unlimited, 24/7 tele-medicine, tele-therapy and critical illness insurance plus a cashback program, each for just $1 per week. Through Avibra’s app, you will have access to a network of accomplished doctors for unlimited consultations, and all for just $1 per week with no copays!

3. Earn up to $10,000 in free benefits

Downloading Avibra’s mobile app gave me the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 in insurance coverage in exchange for my weekly good habits. The moment I got started with Avibra, I had the substantial emergency safety net I had long sought – which has only grown since then.

4. $1,000 accident insurance from $1 week

For just $1 week, Avibra offers up to $1,000 in supplemental accident coverage. With Avibra, you can have a peace of mind knowing you will have coverage for an unexpected trip to the doctors or ER.

5. Gain coverage doing fun, healthy activities

Through the Avibra app, you can do all kinds of simple healthy activities that net you $10 in coverage, up to $50 per week, for up to $10,000 in benefits. Watching well-being videos, doing brain teasers, taking wellbeing quizzes – they’re all quick, and they all make me healthier today while protecting me forever.

6. Science and social impact learning

All of Avibra’s daily activities are science-backed and educational, so I learn as I earn. The app also has a social impact feature that teaches me about a human rights issues and what I can do to help. Avibra makes not just me healthier, but the whole world.

“I was using Avibra one day to earn my $10 of coverage and the message was super simple. As an act of kindness, let someone else take your place in line the next time you are at the store. So later that afternoon while standing in a long line at CVS with 15 items to purchase, I see an older lady approaching with one item in hand. I told her to go ahead of me to save her time, and she glowed with joy — AND so did I, for the rest of the day!”

7. Habit advisor

With my smartwatch connected to Avibra, the app can pinpoint how my daily activities and habits are positively or negatively affecting my life. I can use what I learn to be healthier and safeguard my well-being each day! 

Get Started Today

You too can get in on Avibra’s one-of-kind Dollar Benefit Club – just click here to download Avibra. A more protected you is just a few clicks away!

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