I Finally Tried A Chemical-free Deodorant And I’m Never Going Back

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Fewer things worry me more than a deodorant breakdown. The idea that I could shake a stranger’s hand while smelling like a rotting onion is absolutely horrifying. Honestly, just thinking about being “THAT girl” with the B.O. makes me a little anxious!

Even though I knew that my odor-blocking deodorant wasn’t great for my health – the aluminum could cause Alzheimer’s and breast cancer – I was hesitant to give up my effective hygiene habits. Why would I change up a routine that I knew kept those embarrassing odors away, even though it may not be good for my health? What were my options?

Luckily, my sister made the leap to a paraben-free, aluminum-free, plant-based deodorant a few months before I even expressed my concerns out loud. Seeing how much better she felt (and noticing how good she smelled!) convinced me to give Myro a try, to finally get away from those health-harming metals and toxins without compromising effective odor control. Worst case, if I didn’t like it, I could take advantage of their “Love it or send it back” guarantee  and get my money back.

I was a little nervous at first, and admittedly skeptical. Myro’s website claimed that it could in just a few weeks help me transition from pore-clogging aluminum to their better-for-me plant-based option. Could I really ditch my deodorant in just a few short weeks?

Myro was totally right –  and I made the switch for good in 14 short days. 

I did some research online to help with my transition to plant-based deodorant. First things first, I prepped my pits for this new experience. Remember, nearly everyone applies deodorant every single day for years or even decades, and no amount of showering can suck the aluminum out of your pores! I needed this “clean slate” under my arms for Myro to work properly. I followed these  instructions to a T, scrubbing my pits with an exfoliator, applying a detoxifying clay mask, and even drinking more water to help my body flush out that toxic buildup.

These suggestions worked like a charm. The detoxing steps provided my pits with a “clean slate” so Myro could work its magic. And work its magic, it did!

I noticed right away that I didn’t smell at all. I selected the Myro+ Island Hop scent with hints of coconut, pineapple and vanilla. It not only smelled AMAZING, but their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties reduced the odor-causing bacteria in my armpits. I immediately checked my #1 fear off the list, and I was so totally thrilled to hit the gym, hop on a crowded bus, and have meetings at work, all with confidence that my new Myro 100% natural, vegan and gluten free deo wouldn’t fail me.

Myro makes it easy to stick to my new deodorant routine, too. The formula didn’t leave residue on my clothes or in my pits, so I could lift my hand up and wave without worrying about the state of my underarms. The best part is getting to choose my reusable case and scent combination.

In the end, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Myro has tons of 5 star reviews from happy customers just like me who made the switch to a 100% plant-based deodorant and never looked back.

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