How to Keep Your Dog from Freaking Out During July 4 Fireworks

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Dogs can be incredibly sensitive to July 4 fireworks, often to the point of being genuinely terrified. If you’ve tried many things to calm your pup on previous holidays, but your furry friend continues freaking out while hearing many fireworks, rest assured that there are solutions.  Here are some things you can do as a responsible pet owner to help your dog adjust to the July 4 fireworks.

Try fireworks training

To acclimate your dog to the sound of fireworks, you can use online sources to play fireworks through a pair of speakers. If you comfort your dog as these sounds play, you can help get them more used to fireworks. 

You may also want to buy an anti-anxiety crate for your dog and place it in a quiet, dark place. Doing so can give them a safe place where they will feel comfortable hiding from the noise. You should create this space for your pup well in advance so that, when they are under duress, they will know exactly where to go for some calm.


Try playing with your dog or keeping them distracted with treats. Toys filled with frozen food, special dog bones, or your dog’s favorite treat can help them completely ignore the fireworks.

Secure new tags and identification

For animal shelters, July 5 is often the busiest day of the year. That’s because some dogs will be so jarred by fireworks celebrations that they take off running and if they don’t go missing, end up at a shelter. That’s why responsible owners should make sure that their pets have proper tags or microchips. Keep photos of your dog to send to shelters so that they can keep an eye out for your furry friend.


If you tire your dog out, your pup might just sleep through the fireworks if you can keep them in a quiet place before celebrations start. A nice long walk in the morning and a nice, big meal in the late afternoon can help your pet feel tired, perhaps to the point of even being subdued, by the evening.

Protective gear

There are many canine anti-anxiety wraps available on the market today. These vests are made to help keep your pet calm and secure through the use of slight compression known as “maintained pressure.” If you would rather not buy an anti-anxiety vest, you can create your own using scarves, a t-shirt, or bandages.

Calming aromatherapy

Some dogs may react positively to aromatherapy. These dogs can be soothed through the use of essential oils such as lavender oil. Simply spray or rub some oil on a bandana and tie the bandana loosely around your pup’s neck. 

Alternatively, you may prefer over-the-counter pet anti-anxiety spray for your dog this summer fireworks season. You might also want to ask a veterinarian for a prescription soothing spray if your dog’s reaction to the stress is too severe to handle through other methods.

How do you keep your dog calm during July 4 fireworks? Share your tips in the comments!

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