7 Reasons Why I Ditched Alcoholic Wine For Surely

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Now that I’m hitting the age where hangovers are a three-day ordeal, I’m getting tired of how integral alcohol is to my social life. The hangovers I experienced can be so bad that I almost quit drinking cold turkey. It’s something I was seriously bummed about -- despite all the headaches it gave me, I love the taste of my go-to drink, wine. I assumed I was giving up my favorite beverage for good – until, that is, I found Surely non-alcoholic wines. Here are all the big reasons why I ditched regular old wine and swapped it for Surely.

1. Surely’s wine is clean label 

All of Surely’s wines include solely natural ingredients to give it that beautiful taste. Surely is also gluten-free, vegan, and low in sugar. And, of course, they are non-alcoholic! Surely has everything I love about “real” wine without any of the extra calories or no-longer-fun intoxication. 

2. All Surely wines are made from real, fresh grapes

The grapes Surely uses for its wine are grown in California’s finest vineyards. Surely also makes sure its team of highly experienced, talented winemakers sign off on all their wines. This all makes a huge difference in quality I can taste right from the glass.

3. Surely eliminates hangovers and headaches

Wine gives me worse headaches and hangovers than tequila – I know, crazy. But I really cherish the flavors of a quality sparkling rose with dinner or drinking it with my girls on Bachelor Mondays. That’s exactly why I love Surely’s non-alcoholic wines. I can still sip on the sweet taste of California grapes and not wake up to a nasty hangover the next morning!  

4. Surely has tremendously improved my health

If you’re anything like me, when you drink sugary wines, you crave a bit of salt, and if the time is right, a midnight slice of pizza or greasy empanada from the cart down the block. When I drink Surely, I no longer need chips and popcorn at 2 a.m., and I’m finally going to bed satisfied (and not super full and sick to my stomach). 

In other words, alcohol enabled my poor diet. With Surely, though, I get all the wine, not the alcohol, and my diet is way better. And you know what? I feel better too. 

5. Surely helps me sleep better after drinking wine 

For me, a night after drinking goes one of two ways. Either I fall asleep immediately with my party clothes still on, or I continually toss and turn all night. Of course, neither is ideal. With Surely, though, I can snuggle up in bed without feeling sick or restless, and I fall fast asleep like I normally would.

6. Surely tastes so good, I don’t even miss alcohol 

Have you ever tried a drink so sugary you felt like you needed to scrape your tongue after? I have, and it’s the worst. It’s also pretty common with low-grade wine, which is the opposite of Surely. Honestly, Surely tastes so much like the best high-grade wines that I don’t even miss alcohol! I might even prefer it to alcoholic wine.  

7. I can enjoy Surely at social gatherings and holiday parties 

It can be a bit awkward being the only one not carrying around a drink at a party. The great thing is, Surely is available in cans so it looks like I’m drinking something properly alcoholic! Now I can go to a party without anyone pressuring me to get a drink.

And now you can enjoy healthy wine and save! Act now to save 15% off your first order with code WINELOVER! Taste all the delicious flavors of wine without another dreadful hangover. 

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