5 Ways Capital One Shopping Makes It Easy to Save

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We’ve all been there: You know you want that one thing from your favorite online shopping site, but you’ll also be simmering with regret if you don’t compare prices with other websites. The thing is, that comparison usually means tons of cluttered, disorganized browser windows and tabs, not to mention never-ending frustration if the codes don’t work. It’s far from an easy way to save money, but that doesn’t mean your urge to find the best bargain is going anywhere. And with the Capital One Shopping browser extension, you can save as you shop online without any of the usual hassle. Here’s how.

1. Automatic price-comparing across websites

Let’s say you find the speaker system of your dreams on Best Buy, but it’s not quite in your budget. Normally, you might head to a search engine and scour a bunch of websites for the best deal. Capital One Shopping does that work for you. It scans thousands of websites and gives you a friendly little pop-up telling you where to go if a better deal is available. That means potentially jaw-dropping savings without the hassle.

2. Long-term rewards and gift cards

Once you add Capital One Shopping to your browser, you’ll accumulate Capital One Shopping Rewards as you buy things online. These rewards can quickly add up to amounts large enough to redeem a gift card. That means you’re spending now to save later, so when the time finally comes to buy yourself that fancy thing you’ve long wanted, you’ll have the money ready to go (and you’ll get a great deal, too, if you use Capital One Shopping to scour the internet for more coupon codes.)

3. Alerts to price drops

Getting Capital One Shopping enables your browser to keep tabs on whatever you view and buy. This way, Capital One Shopping can alert you to price drops so you can make the purchase at just the right time. When you view and buy items now, you save money later too.

4. Coupons at checkout

After Capital One Shopping helps you find the best price available, it can make that price even lower. When you reach the checkout page, you’ll see a helpful pop-up asking if you want Capital One Shopping to test several discount codes. If any of these codes work, Capital One Shopping will automatically apply it for you, helping you save even more. It’s the best available price, made better.

5. Entirely free to use

Lots of programs say they’ll save you money while you shop, but these programs sometimes charge fees that effectively lower your savings. Capital One Shopping, though, is entirely free. No wonder so many people use it and have saved nearly $160 million in the last year! And you too can stay budget-savvy as you shop. Just download the Capital One Shopping browser extension now to start saving!

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