5 Holiday Gifts That Your Loved One Will Treasure Forever

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When I give gifts, I want them to be meaningful, not just trinkets that’ll be forgotten about in a day. My favorite gift is printed photos of heartwarming memories that everyone could enjoy year-round. But getting these gifts made is not as simple as making a quick purchase at a local store — it involves a little bit of effort to pick the photo, wait in line for prints, and risk the outcome looking nothing like the photo I submitted. That’s why I made the switch to Canvas On Demand: Its high-quality prints, one-year workmanship guarantee, highly accessible customer service, and always-included hanging equipment makes this gift easy to order and even more meaningful to gift.

Here are the five holiday gifts I’ve gotten my family through Canvas On Demand that they’ve treasured forever:

1. A memorable vacation photo on a large canvas

When we did a girls’ trip to Yellowstone – ladies, leave your man at home! – we took an incredible picture of all seven of us in front of open fields, trees, and mountains. Printing that on a 16” x 20” canvas for my sister Lauren to hang in her living room was the obvious choice for a sentimental holiday gift, and she absolutely loved it. We reminisce on it every time I come over!

2. A desktop canvas of the kids for my hubby’s desk

Yes, our ladies’ Yellowstone trip was a blast, but my hubby Derek is truly the love of my life. So too are our kids, Janie and Michael, and that’s why I got Derek an 8” x 10” desktop canvas of him and the kids. He says that the canvas is a great conversation starter whenever anyone walks into his office.

3. A photo collage of my niece’s high school graduation

My niece graduated high school last year, so last Christmas, I got her a vertical photo collage of prom, graduation day, and some graduation parties. She took it to college with her the next semester and felt way more connected to home. She’s having the same experience now that she’s a sophomore living off-campus – her canvas is the gift that keeps on giving.

4. Personalized wedding date word art

I wound up loving Canvas On Demand so much that I use it to make gifts for friends, not just family. So when my bestie Caroline married her hubby Colin a couple of years ago and I was the maid of honor, I gifted her a personalized word art canvas with their wedding date. It hangs in her kitchen, where every morning over coffee, she’s reminded that she and Colin are really together for life. And Colin is way better at remembering their anniversary now!

5. Kids’ room poster prints

Morris loves Star Wars, so this year, for Christmas, I’m getting him a giant 30” x 40” custom-printed poster full of Star Wars characters. I bet he’ll want to keep it up on the walls for years! Just don’t tell him it’s coming – I’ve been stashing the rolled-up poster in my closet until Christmas actually arrives. I can’t wait to see the smile on his face when he opens his gift — and it’ll all be thanks to Canvas On Demand.

If you’re on the hunt for holiday gifts that last a lifetime, now’s the perfect time to try Canvas On Demand. For the 2021 holiday season, you can take up to 93% off canvas prints and 50% off other products! Just enter the code CUSTOMCANVAS at checkout. Before you know it, you’ll be giving gifts that are truly priceless.

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