Here’s Why GLD Is The Nike Of Men’s Jewelry

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After I finished school, I realized my fashion game needed a serious upgrade. Out in the real world, no one wears frat clothes – all the other guys I see when I go out look like they fit right in at the bar, and here I am in a t-shirt and a boring pair of jeans. I’m telling you, these guys think of every detail, down to the gold chains and rings they wear. And it was my time to get my hands on some jewelry of my own.

I knew I needed two things when I set out looking for the perfect chain. One, it couldn’t turn my skin green like the cheap chains I’ve tried. Second, it needed to stay within my budget. My pal Dan, who always has the best chains, DM’d me a few posts from GLD’s Instagram and that was all it took to get me on their site. 

Some of my favorite college basketball players wear GLD, as well as big-name celebs like Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, and A$AP Rocky! If they got that look without spending thousands, I definitely wanted in! No wonder Forbes called GLD the Nike of men’s jewelry – cool, fresh, and accessible, all in one.

As I browsed GLD’s site, I quickly learned why celebs love it. GLD’s rings, watches, bracelets, and especially their chains are super striking. Right away, I realized I was guaranteed to find something I loved. Even better, I could customizable my chain’s length and material. I could choose between 16 and 28 inches and get my chain in gold, vermeil, or even a variety that’s mostly gold with specks of diamond. 

Now wait, hold on: Wasn’t I walking into a price trap? Nope – all GLD chains look as good as what Rocky wears for a fraction of what celebs like him might pay. GLD’s prices are low enough that I could afford both The Micro Cuban Chain and the 5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain. Most days, I wear just one, but for nights out, I stack them and look my absolute best.

Part of how I could afford GLD was its “buy now, pay later” plan. Not that their prices are expensive – they aren’t! – but I’d spent a good chunk on my move, so the option to pay over time helped a ton. Plus, buying GLD was pretty risk-free since all its jewelry includes a lifetime guarantee. If something goes wrong, I could easily repair or replace my chains with no questions asked. 

Even though I purchased my first chain months ago, I still get compliments on the regular. These chains can truly make any normal outfit an iconic look. So what are you waiting for? If you want to up your fashion game with the best jewelry around, you’re right on time. For just a short while, GLD is offering 30% off with the code GLDGANG30! You too can upgrade your look without breaking the bank, all while buying something that lasts a lifetime.

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