My Favorite Hip-Hop Jewelry Holiday Gifts All Come From GLD

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Every year, I like to get a head start on holiday shopping because, as much as I love my fiance Kevin, finding him the right gift can be a real pain. Usually, I would buy him new clothes or a nice cologne, but this year, I wanted to give him something special he could wear every day. That’s why I chose GLD chains! Initially drawn in by its big-name celeb endorsements and then by just how amazing this jewelry looked, I knew Kevin would love any of the chains I gifted him for the holidays. Here are the three gifts I ended up bringing home — and three that’ll make your man happy, too.

1. Micro Cuban Chain

The Micro Cuban Chain is a 3mm customizable chain that comes in five lengths from 16 to 28 inches. I got to choose from three materials – 18-karat gold, 18-karat vermeil, or 14-karat solid gold – for Kevin’s gift. Plus, the Cuban looks like exactly what Kev’s fave celebrities wear but without the insane price tag! It’s both fancy and perfect for everyday wear, so I knew Kevin would look spot-on no matter where he went, or where we went together.

2. 5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain

The 5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain is similar to the Micro Cuban Chain but everything’s bumped up a notch. That makes it perfect for a date night out — I got so excited thinking about how Kevin would look wearing it across from me at our favorite spot! And like the Cuban, I could order this chain in 18-karat gold-plate or 10- or 14-karat solid gold, in lengths from 16 to 28 inches. Another big thing it has in common with the Cuban: a lifetime product and quality guarantee. 

3. 5mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in White Gold 

If I really wanted to ball out, the 5mm Round Cut Tennis Necklace in White Gold was the clear choice. It’s 14-karat and runs 16 to 22 inches, and I could get it in solid white gold with diamonds or just white gold-plated. So yeah, it’s flashy and perfect for special occasions. Or if you’re Wiz Khalifa or A$AP Rocky, you’re wearing it every day. In my eyes, Kevin is every bit as incredible as them – didn’t he deserve this too? 

These three choices were perfect for Kevin not only for their gorgeous designs but – and this is my favorite part – for their incredibly reasonable prices. If I didn’t want to go overboard spending on the solid gold option, I could’ve chosen the plated gold for only a fraction of the price, and nobody would know the difference!

What’s even better is that GLD offers a “buy now, pay later” option. That helped a lot since I didn’t need to worry about dropping so much cash all at once. That took such a burden off of holiday shopping. I managed to spread it out over a few months, and that made buying all three chains for Kevin so much easier. Yes, all three – he deserved it. And so does your man! 

If anything, now is the perfect time to buy your GLD gifts! For a limited time, you can take an additional 30% off GLD chains with the code GLDGANG30. Ditch the boring jewelry this season and give your man something that lasts a lifetime. 

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