Here’s Why I Ditched My Patagonia Winter Jacket for the Oros Gemini

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I love going on long hikes and bike rides year-round, but the physical exertion isn’t the challenging part — that would be finding a jacket that keeps me warm and performs well during the frigid winters. Most adequately warm jackets are so puffy I feel like I’m trapped – I’ve never quite had one that checks every box. Either I’d shiver throughout my bike rides, or I’d hardly be able to scale mountains thanks to my overly puffy jacket. I had all but given up on my quest for a lightweight, warm, thin jacket until I found the OROS Gemini.

The OROS Gemini is a 3-in-1 reversible, razor-thin jacket that uses SOLARCORE insulation to keep me warm even on the coldest days on the trail. That last part is a big deal: SOLARCORE is an aerogel that NASA uses in its spacesuits to keep astronauts warm in outer space’s unbelievably frigid temperatures. If the SOLARCORE in my Gemini jacket could keep astronauts warm in outer space, it could certainly get the job done on my bike rides.

SOLARCORE is also why the Gemini is so thin. Aerogels are – you guessed it – mostly air, so a thin, light layer is all you need for warmth. That’s why the Gemini makes it so easy for me to both move around and stay warm. The articulated sleeves, zippered pockets, adjustable hood and tabs all help on both these fronts too. Plus, if I encounter stormy weather, the Gemini’s outer shell is waterproof and wind-resistant, so I can still enjoy my adventures no matter what!

Not only is the Gemini my go-to winter adventure jacket, but it’s also my top pick in the spring and fall. Since it’s technically three jackets in one, I can add or remove layers to withstand temperatures as low as zero degrees to as high as 55 degrees. Once the snow melts, I can easily unsnap the outer shell to transform my winter coat into a lighter jacket. 

Best of all, when I first learned all this about the Gemini, going from “add to cart” to an official purchase took all of two minutes. The speed didn’t blind me to any potential concerns: OROS’ 30-day free return and exchange policy countered any risks. My Gemini arrived less than a week later and kept me warm on my multi-mile winter bike ride the next day. It did its job perfectly at sub-freezing temps, all without restricting my movement

I’m never switching back to puffy, restrictive winter jackets ever again. If you too love wintertime outdoor adventures but hate the bulk of most winter jackets, trust me – you too will never go back once you try the OROS Gemini. And now couldn’t be a better time to start shopping! For a limited time, you’ll save up to 25% off and free shipping on U.S. orders over $99. Your winter wanderlust just got so much better – and I’m saying that from experience.

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