Why Supply Chain Issues Are Delaying Furniture Shipments for Months – and How Inside Weather Gets Around It

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(SPOILER ALERT!: They are Made in the USA!)

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If you love decorating your home, you know full well that doing so can become a pain quickly. Every time you find a piece of furniture you like, it can take several months – not days, months – to ship. 

This common problem is only more severe now given the worsening gaps in the supply chain. From delays with overseas manufacturing to furniture brands stocking the bare minimum in their warehouses, delivery is backed up now more than ever. 

If you’re currently redecorating for the holidays, these large delays are obviously far from ideal. That’s where the California furniture brand Inside Weather comes in. Here’s how Inside Weather is solving the supply chain problems that are increasingly straining other furniture brands.

In a matter of days, furniture is sent right to your door 

Unlike most furniture brands, Inside Weather does all of its manufacturing right in its Bay Area warehouse, so you won’t wait months for furniture to arrive from overseas. And since the current supply chain issues are related to the unavailability of international labor, Inside Weather’s fully-domestic operation is game-changing.

All parts of the Inside Weather manufacturing process take place in California, entirely under Inside Weather’s roof. The company wholly owns its supply chain, which means it has much better control over the shipping timeline than other companies. And since your order is manufactured just for you once you place it, Inside Weather always puts the right pieces, in the right places, at the right time. There are no middlemen to disrupt the process or artificially inflate the prices. It’s all in-house, all on rapid turnaround.

Like other brands, Inside Weather wants to get you your furniture ASAP, but unlike other brands, it actually can – and, more importantly, does. Gone are the days of waiting forever for your brand new couch – furniture that arrives right when you need it is here to stay. And with the long winter months upon us, now is the perfect time to enjoy your new furniture and surroundings!

The custom made furniture arrives faster than you think

Designing your own furniture from start to finish may sound a bit overwhelming or too long a process to wait. However, because Inside Weather has top-to-bottom control of its supply chain, the process to make custom furniture can be even faster than other brands take to ship the premade pieces they have in stock!

Once Inside Weather finishes your custom design, it’ll only be a few days before you get word that your furniture has been shipped. Plus, Inside Weather matches its unparalleled delivery speed with unbeatable quality and assembly. All Inside Weather furniture comes with simple step-by-step instructions, so you’ll have no trouble finalizing the assembly of your furniture. From creation to assembly, Inside Weather expedites every step of the process.

Free In-house designers bring your vision to life

Of course designing your own furniture can be overwhelming the first time you do it. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that most shoppers aren’t used to even the idea of customizing their furniture. That’s why Inside Weather connects you with in-house designers for tips and consultations. These services all stem from within Inside Weather’s 100% domestic supply chain. They’re yet another way that Inside Weather exerts total control over its customer experience and avoids the ongoing supply problems with furniture shopping.

Shop now and save!

Inside Weather is proving that supply chain issues don’t have to mean giving up your hunt for the perfect furniture. Its fully in-house, U.S.-based supply chain means you’ll get your furniture well in time for hibernation season. Plus, if you act now, you can take 20% off sitewide with the code PRES2022. And if you spend over $1,500, you’ll score free shipping. Your dream furniture is only a few clicks away, with no delays.

For a limited time, Inside Weather is offering up to 20% off sitewide with code PRES2022. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders over $1,500! An HGTV-style dream home furniture setup is only a few clicks away.

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