Here’s Why I Ditched My Old Winter Workout Pants for OROS

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As a marathon trainer, you’d think my biggest challenge would be running over 26 miles, but in truth, it’s finding winter workout pants that keep me warm without restricting my movement. None of the usual stores carried pants suited for 30-degree temps – well, except bulky, uncomfortable, ridiculous-looking snow pants with a million pockets that aren’t actually useful. And thinner options just weren’t warm. After spending months training for my marathon, I was convinced I’d never find the right pants and would have to revert to the treadmill. Then, I found the OROS Wayfinder.

OROS Wayfinder pants are lightweight thanks to their ultra-thin, ultra-warm SOLARCORE insulation perfect for runs on frigid winter days. SOLARCORE is a zero-bulk aerogel insulation that NASA uses to keep astronauts warm in the literally deadly low temperatures of outer space. I figured if SOLARCORE worked in those extremes, it would work for me!

Better yet, the SOLARCORE in the Wayfinder is strategically placed to provide me warmth and protection where I need it most. The Wayfinder is also hyper-breathable and wind-resistant, and it comes with that unbeatable four-way stretch. This all means I can run without shivering in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

After learning all this about the Wayfinder, it took me maybe five minutes before I decided to place my order. My pants arrived not even a week later! I was immediately super impressed with their warmth and their look – seriously, no pictures do these pants justice. They’re obviously perfect for training, but I’m still totally presentable if I wear them on my weekend errand runs. 

Once I began running in my new Wayfinder pants, it took me all of two weeks to purchase another pair. Yes, I’m wearing them that much. I even bought a pair for my brother Mike as a gift since we sometimes run together. I wasn’t worried about him not loving them since OROS offers 30-day returns on all purchases. Spoiler alert – unsurprisingly, the Wayfinder is now his go-to too. 

If you’re on the hunt for thin activewear pants that look and feel the part, now couldn’t be a better time to buy the Wayfinder pants! For a limited time, you’ll save up to 25% off and free shipping on U.S. orders over $99! Say goodbye to pants that turn your tush to ice and hello to full warmth, comfort, mobility, and style.

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