Six Ways to Enjoy a Rainy, Gloomy Day From Home

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Splashing in puddles, playing in the mud, and running around in the rain: Those are some great memories! Rainy days were so much fun as kids, so why can’t they still be fun as adults? Maybe you don’t want to play in the rain or get all muddy anymore, but with a good attitude and a little creativity, a rainy day can still be a great one! Here are six ideas for how you can enjoy a rainy, gloomy day from home.

Cook something new

One of the best rainy day activities is a new cooking challenge! Try stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit and making something you usually wouldn’t. You’re staying home anyway, so you might as well branch out a bit! Try baking something sweet or making homemade pizza, or maybe try making Chinese or Mexican food if you haven’t before. You might even find a new favorite recipe!

Play games

A rainy day classic, staying in and playing board games always makes for a lot of fun. If you live alone, try playing virtual chess or a word game online with your friends or family, or just invite people over for a board game night. This would be the perfect time to show off some of the new food you’ve been cooking too!

Call someone

Speaking of friends and family, take some time to call or FaceTime somebody you haven’t spoken with in a little while. With the ins and outs of everyday life, it can be easy to accidentally lose touch, so take this time to reconnect. You should especially try to reach out to any elderly relatives you have that might not hear from you quite as much as they’d like to. They’ll appreciate it!


While the rain can be soothing and make you want to take a nap, something about how fresh and clean it can feel outside afterward might make you want to get your home cleaned and organized. Take your rainy day to declutter and clean and maybe even rearrange your furniture. As the world freshens up with the rain, your home can do the same.

Get some work done

A rainy day can be especially enjoyable if you’re working from home, as the soothing noise of rain falling outside can break up the monotony of spending every day at your desk. Try cracking your windows open to let the sound and smell of the outdoors freshen up your home office a bit. Like lo-fi music or white noise, the calming sound of rain can actually be a huge boost to your productivity.

Work on a new skill

A day stuck indoors is the perfect time to work on whatever new thing you’ve been wanting to learn but putting off. Is that guitar in the corner of your room getting a little dusty? A rainy day is a perfect time to practice! Maybe you’ve recently taken up photography, drawing, writing, or learning a new language. Now’s your chance to dive back into it.

It might not look quite the same as it did when you were a kid, but a rainy, gloomy day can still be a fun adventure if you use it to try something new!

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