I Earn An Extra $1,400/Month On My Commute. Here’s How.

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Recently, I was looking for a hassle-free way to afford some extra payments on my mortgage. I didn’t want to commit time and effort to another job – I needed something I could easily work into my life. That’s why I signed up to drive with Uber. Although I briefly worried it would be time-consuming, I was so wrong. Once the activation process was complete, I started sharing rides during my typical work commute, and just like that, I started earning!

I should reiterate that last part, because it’s my favorite: driving with Uber has added a few extra hours to my schedule, but it has boosted my income. There’s no nine-to-five here – I just pick up an hour or two on my work commute or, when I occasionally feel like it, drive a few extra hours late into the night. I can work whenever I want, for however long I want!

Alongside this flexibility come numerous opportunities to earn incentives and other extras. Surge pricing is my favorite. For example: during certain hours in a day, rider fares are increased, so I earn more money than normal operating hours. Lucky for me, these times overlap perfectly with my regular commute, so every day before and after work, I can drive with Uber and earn extra income!

After making this extra money, I don’t need to wait a while to be paid as with my day job. Instead, the Uber app lets me instantly cash out five times per day. And if I use my Uber Visa debit card to cash out, I don’t pay any fees! I typically cash out right away, especially on days when I get big tips – which, I should add, are always 100% mine. It’s all made covering those extra mortgage payments so much easier.

Driving with Uber also fits an extrovert like me since the people I drive are all sorts of fascinating and exciting. From NBA players and celebrities to the girl singing along to my bops in the backseat, driving with Uber has introduced me to all kinds of unforgettable characters. One time, one of them offered me a job on the spot! But I like my current day job and enjoy the flexibility and added income afforded by driving with Uber, so I kindly turned it down

When I drive with Uber, I can afford my extra mortgage payments – and, just as importantly, me and my wife’s next big getaway. I drive during my regular commute and, only if I’m up for it, just a little extra – driving with Uber almost never takes away from my regular life. If you too want to make some extra money without a substantial commitment, I say driving or delivering with Uber is the way! Your schedule may not change, but your income could – big-time.

Disclaimer: ​​Actual earnings vary and depend on many factors such as the number of hours and times driven, location, weather and other factors.

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