7 Reasons Why Driving With Uber Is Worth It

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With my fifth wedding anniversary coming up, I recently found myself searching for hassle-free ways to make some extra cash for the trip of a lifetime. I needed a job that didn’t require much time or effort since I already work full-time, so I decided to start driving with Uber. Now, to earn extra cash, I simply pick riders up and drop them off when I’m already on the road – no crazy extra hours to work! Here are seven reasons why I decided to drive with Uber – and why I’ve been loving it.

1. I drive on my own terms

What really struck me about driving with Uber is that I don’t need to create a rigid, repeating schedule – I can work whenever I want! I typically pick up a few hours on my way into work and sometimes start a Saturday morning with a coffee and a few rides. I’m quickly adding money to the vacation fund without working crazy hours!

2. I can earn extra cash with surge pricing and regular promotions

I feel like when I drive with Uber I have a lot of opportunities to take advantage of driver promotions. For example, there are great promos where, if I complete a certain number of trips, I earn an extra amount. Yes, it’s that easy – I can do it on my morning and evening commutes. And this extra money is in addition to my tips and regular earnings! The latter is higher during surge pricing when fares automatically increase. I earn more when I drive then.

3. Uber’s tools show me the best times to earn more 

Uber’s Earnings Estimator tool shows me when I might make the most money in the shortest amount of time. For example, prices might surge during Sunday tailgates, Friday nights when everyone’s out at the bars, and, of course, standard surge hours. Best of all, these times often work perfectly around my schedule. I can easily earn money on my morning commute or hit the road again well after we put the kids to bed. 

4. I can either drive people or make deliveries (or both)

Like many people, I have days when I just don’t want to interact with people that much. That’s why, some days, I’m solely an Uber Eats delivery guy. Once or twice a week, I’ll go and deliver food for a few hours and earn just as much money as I would driving people around. Plus, switching things up like this means I never get bored. 

5. You can see the best locations and times to drive

It’s not always easy to leave your bed early to hit the road. But with the help of the Uber Driver app you’ll have the tools to help you decide the best times and places to earn.

6. I can cash out my earnings up to 5 times a day

If I want to take my wife out to dinner after work or pay some extra bills the next day, Uber lets me instantly cash out up to five times per day! For a small fee, I can immediately transfer my money into my bank account and cover my costs. Or, if I want to avoid fees, I can simply use my Uber Visa debit card. I keep everything I earn, and I get it right away. 

7. Signing up is easy

Starting with Uber is easy! Just enter your name, email address, phone number, the area you plan to work in, and you’re all set. It’s that easy. It’s also entirely worth it! I’ve been working for Uber for several months and am right on the precipice of earning me and my wife the getaway we deserve. If making extra cash, on whatever schedule you want, sounds like your dream gig, head to Uber’s website and sign up now. That dream vacation will be here before you know it.

Disclaimer: ​​Actual earnings vary and depend on many factors such as the number of hours and times driven, location, weather and other factors.

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