How to Grow Your Instagram Following: A Beginner’s Guide

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With how many people there are on social media these days, everyone theoretically has a chance at becoming an influencer and rising to internet fame. Arguably the best platform to get started is Instagram, but even after you understand the fundamentals of how to use the app, it can be hard to know how to start gaining followers. Want to know the best ways to grow your Instagram following? Read on below!

Post regular content

The first and most important step in the process of growing your Instagram following is regularly posting high-quality content. On a platform where most people are concerned about their follower-to-following ratio, people only want to follow influencers or content creators who provide value with regular posts.

There are many resources and content tools available to help you create great Instagram content. Look for options that let you choose a template or start from scratch on a post. The ideal tool should also have a huge library of images and fonts you can use for free. Try planning out your content week by week so you don’t have to think of something new to post every single day.

Watch what’s trending

When creating content, it’s important to pay attention to what’s trending in your niche. Follow the most popular hashtags related to what you want to post, and be sure to use those hashtags when posting.

When planning new content, take a few minutes to scroll through trending posts to see what kind of content is getting the most likes. This is a great way to spark your creativity and come up with unique but popular content.

Trade follow for follow

A great way to jumpstart your growth in the early stage is through trading a follow for a follow. Find influencers in your niche who have more followers than you, and follow people who follow them and like their posts. When these people see that you post content related to their interests, they’ll often follow you back.

Organic growth

Follow-for-follow is a great way to get started and gain 50-100 followers at a time, but it’s not a system that scales well for a larger account. Once you’ve gained a small following you’ll want to start focusing on organic growth, continuing to post quality content to bring in new followers.

As your account continues to grow, interact with your followers as much as possible to keep them engaged in your content and increase the chances of them sharing your account with their friends. Try posting polls, surveys, and pictures and videos from your personal life to make your content feel more personal to your followers.

Utilize Instagram stories

One final tip, be sure to utilize Instagram’s stories feature often. The multicolored ring around your profile picture shows that you have a story active, and when people see that ring, they’ll subconsciously know that your account is active since stories disappear after 24 hours. People want to follow accounts that provide value to them, so keep providing that value and you’re more likely to succeed!

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