10 Types of Useful Content Tools

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Whether you want to become a blogger or improve your already existing blogs, it’s essential that the quality of your content is high enough to keep your audience coming back for more. Still, though, you could post the best blog content in the world, but without the right tools, you might still not get any web traffic. If you want to step up your blogging game, here are the 10 tools you can use to promote your blog posts.

1. Social media 

Posting to your audience on social media can give your online blog or small business a sense of humanity that your competition may lack. People are much more accountable than mere companies, and social media can make your business look more personable. That matters: Building a dynamic of trustworthiness between you and your audience is the biggest reason to, even if mundanely, post on your business social media account

2. Social media scheduling platforms

People will be online at different times of the day. To reach everyone in your audience no matter when they’re online, draft posts ahead of time and then schedule them for times when traffic is heaviest. People will usually check their social media feeds around lunchtime and dinnertime, and they’re online more during the weekends. Keep this in mind when you’re writing posts for potential return readers.

3. Email marketing

Give people the ability to subscribe to your branded site. An efficient email subscription system will ensure that those most interested will be emailed at the first sign of any movement from your online brand. 

4. Branding

Make sure that your content advertises itself through the use of consistent imagery, like a logo or a stylistically consistent visual aesthetic. Use a marketing research tool to find what resonates with your audience and change your branding and brand voice accordingly.

5. Marketing automation

Marketing automation streamlines your work by replacing repetitive manual processes with automated solutions. A marketing automation platform typically takes the form of a dashboard used to plan, coordinate, manage, and measure promotional campaigns online and offline. Try pairing this technology with lifecycle marketing strategies to nurture and grow your audience.

6. Keyword research

Staying inspired in content creation is a serious task. A topic research tool can help you find ideas that spark your interest and that of others. These tools can help you come up with new blog posts that pertain to your core topics.

7. CMS SEO plugins 

Content management system (CMS) plugins for search engine optimization (SEO) check your content for adherence to SEO best practices. SEO matters because, no matter how great your content may be, if no one can find it, no one will see it. An SEO plugin can help you make sure you’re using the words and phrases people are searching for online.

8. Social media giveaways

Most social media platforms don’t have built-in giveaway tools. Instead, content creators often use giveaway apps to engage their audiences in an exhilarating way. Giveaway teams can automate entire contests after your audience enters them. Additionally, you can install a giveaway widget on your blog.

9. Spell-check apps

No matter what kinds of posts or content you’re creating, you should always use grammar and spell-check apps to add a more professional touch. Not only will you look more professional, but your website’s SEO becomes stronger when you write properly. 

10. Trend search tools 

Understanding trends that your audience is following can help you to know when and what to post (and why). Try to be ahead of things people are losing interest in if you’d like to avoid a time or money investment with no proper return.

Have you used any of these tools and tips for your blog? Which are your favorites? If you’re a new blogger, which tools will you use? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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