7 Reasons To Get Convenient, Shame-Free ED Prescriptions Through Hims

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Having erectile dysfunction can be tough – both to experience and to talk about, even with your doctor. However, you’re not going through it alone. ED affects nearly 30 million men1 in the U.S., and 52% of men over the age of 40 experience it. It’s a prevalent yet still stigmatized problem, which merits the question: What if an expert professional could prescribe you ED pills from the discreet haven of your home? That’s possible with Hims. Here’s why you should try it:  

1. Hims offers convenient, remote care

With Hims, you no longer need to worry about scheduling an appointment with your usual provider and still feeling nervous about bringing up your ED. You also don’t have to deal with the anxiety of heading into the real world as you address your ED. Instead, you can remotely receive the care you need from medical providers. All you need to do is head to the Hims website, answer a few simple questions, and then, you’ll receive a free virtual consultation.

2. Hims will talk with you about conditions that may feel hard to address

Many times, when customers are paired with their Hims medical provider, they’ll mention that their appointment is the first time they’ve felt comfortable opening up about their ED. That’s because Hims has a great reputation for hiring only non-judgmental, empathetic, fully licensed professionals who do more than provide prescriptions – they listen too.

3. Hims offers effective, high-quality products and treatments

There’s a false notion that online, at-home ED prescriptions aren’t to be trusted. Hims proves that this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Hims offers solely FDA-approved ED medication, including less expensive generic prescriptions that are 100% as effective as name-brand prescriptions like Viagra(™).

4. Hims products and prescriptions are affordable

The only difference between name-brand products and generic prescriptions through Hims is that generics are way more affordable. Generic ED prescriptions are 90% cheaper than name brands, yet they both do the same thing in the same way. If anything, when you buy name-brand products, you’re paying for the name, not the prescription itself. With Hims, you’ll never again overpay for the same prescription.

5. Hims delivery is 100% discreet

When you get your ED prescriptions from Hims, you’re the only person who will know it. Everything from your initial consultation to your prescription purchase and delivery is entirely discreet. Nobody other than you will know what’s inside the box from looking at it – and that’s important if you’re feeling shame about your ED. Best of all, your package will arrive directly at your door, so you don’t need to anxiously interact with anyone in person to get your prescription.

6. Hims connects you with trusted medical providers

The Hims team comprises industry-leading, licensed medical providers that are here to help you receive safe, FDA-approved prescriptions, if prescribed. That’s true no matter where in the U.S. you live – Hims serves patients in all states.

7. Hims understands and supports your health needs

ED is much more common than many people think, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Hims works every day to dispel the stigma surrounding ED, and that starts with their medical providers. Your provider will always listen and support you in a non-judgmental environment. When you speak with your provider, you can speak freely about your experience, and your provider will discuss the proper course of action. And then, Hims will discreetly send your prescription right to your door. 

If you’re looking for an affordable, discreet ED prescription from providers who are always on your side, now is a great time to try Hims. To start, you’ll receive a free online consultation with a Hims medical expert. You’ll also get a 60-day money-back guarantee on generic prescriptions plus free shipping*. Receiving proper care for your ED has never been more accessible, inexpensive, and shame-free.

*Full refund of price paid available for first 60 days’ supply. Refund requests must be made between 60 and 120 days after product shipment is delivered.

Article reference 1: NIDDK: Definition & Facts for Erectile Dysfunction

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