Here’s Why Hims Is The Simplest Way To Treat ED from Home

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When you’re seeking an ED prescription, there can be a big challenge: It can feel tough to talk about, let alone seek medical care for, ED – it’s still needlessly stigmatized. To add insult to injury, brand-name ED prescriptions can be prohibitively expensive. Your goal is to find understanding, empathetic doctors you can trust – and who can offer you FDA-approved prescriptions at affordable prices. 

Maybe that means going to your local medical professional to discuss your ED, but maybe you want to be more discreet. Perhaps you’d rather share your condition with just one person – not a nurse, a doctor, and then a pharmacist. Only with Hims can you get unlimited access to a supportive licensed provider right from home, at prices that fit any budget. Read on to discover why Hims beats other brands at getting you an ED prescription from home, if prescribed.

Quick guide: Hims versus branded ED pills

Here’s why Hims is superior in providing ED prescriptions compared to branded ED pills. 

Hims Branded ED pills 
24/7 concierge Yes No 
Unlimited access to medical providers Yes No
Video programs and courses to complement treatment YesNo 
Remote-only Yes No 
Shame-free place to discuss conditions that are often stigmatized YesNo 
Affordable YesNo
Understanding, supportive experience YesNo 

✅ 24/7 concierge

Whether it’s 2 p.m. or 4 a.m., Hims is there for you. Hims offers 24/7 concierge services – as in, support around the clock – to help you whenever you have questions or concerns. In-person providers who prescribe branded ED pills can’t quite say that.

✅ Unlimited access to medical providers 

When you download the Hims app, you get unlimited access to medical professionals through the Hims messaging tool. No in-person doctor is that readily available with branded ED pills. Only with Hims can you get the help you need in minutes rather than days. 

✅ Video programs and courses to complement treatment 

Alongside 24/7 access, Hims also offers video programs and courses. These videos and courses can answer any questions at any time, and they can help you understand – and start to feel okay about – your ED. Branded ED pills lack similar resources, and you’ve surely never had an in-person provider sit you down for a lesson while getting a prescription.

✅ 100% Online

With Hims, you don’t need to worry about running into your neighbor while you’re addressing your ED. You also don’t have to worry about that sidelong glance from a pharmacist at your local drugstore. With Hims, everything is entirely online and private. You’ll connect remotely with a medical professional who will write up your ED prescription, if prescribed, and then Hims will ship it right to your door in discreet packaging. 

✅ Shame-free place to discuss conditions that are often stigmatized 

Many men hide their ED because society treats it with anything but the compassion and warmth it deserves. Unfortunately, you might encounter this stigma both within and outside the healthcare industry. That’s why Hims only works with providers who fully understand that ED is nothing to be ashamed of, making it easier for you to share your experiences. In fact, many men with ED have said Hims was the first place they felt safe talking about it. 

✅ Affordable 

Unlike name-brand drugs that your local provider will prescribe you, Hims is highly affordable. That’s because big brands can charge more given their stature, so you’ll pay more for the brand than the product itself. With Hims, you’ll receive the same effective medicine at a fraction of those daunting name-brand prices

✅ Understanding, supportive experience 

With Hims, you never need to worry about feeling judged or out of place. Hims medical professionals are entirely non-judgemental and invested in helping you feel your best. If you’ve ever gone through the ringer of getting in-person care for any stigmatized condition, you know this care can sometimes feel rushed and impersonal. Hims gives you the support, privacy and comfort you need to address your ED without judgment – and with resounding success.

Get Started With Your Free Online Consultation Today!

If online professionals who genuinely care about your health and comfort are what you need to address your ED, Hims is a great option. To get started, you’ll just answer a few short questions, and then get a free online consultation with a medical provider. Your prescription will come with a 60-day money-back guarantee plus free shipping*. Breathe easy – affordable, convenient ED medicine and a comforting experience are only a few clicks away. 

*Full refund of price paid available for first 60 days’ supply. Refund requests must be made between 60 and 120 days after product shipment is delivered.