5 Ways to Make $750 with UpLevel Rewards

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Whenever I go shopping, I’m always on the lookout for the best deals. After all, adulting isn’t cheap, so I need to earn and save as much as possible. The most fun and rewarding way I’ve found to earn hassle-free cash and get great deals is through a platform called UpLevel Rewards. Here are the easy steps I took to make $750 with UpLevel Rewards – and how you can do it too!

1. Sign up for an account

UpLevel Rewards makes it so easy to get started. Once you get onto the website, you’ll just create an account so UpLevel Rewards can send you money directly via PayPal, an ACH transfer, or any money transfer application. Doing all that took me just a few minutes and then it was time to find some deals. 

2. Take the UpLevel Rewards Survey

To find deals and start earning money, I first needed to complete a short survey. When you take the survey, UpLevel Rewards will ask you questions to help you choose the deals best suited to your interests. After I finished my survey, UpLevel Rewards showed me tons of deals they thought I would like, and they got it totally right. From streaming platforms to new apps and games, there were so many to choose from! I’m sure it’ll be the same for you too.

3. Start trying and buying deals 

Getting through UpLevel Rewards’ deals is super easy. You’ll start at level one, and you’ll get to level two (which is when you start earning money) pretty quickly – I got there after just one deal.  The deals are super entertaining, offer great discounts and free trials, and you make money while you do them! I completed five deals and earned myself an easy $100 in the first few days – I bet you can get there yourself.

4. Request your payout

I got through 25 deals and earned $750 in just one week! That might be about how long it takes you – maybe a bit more or less depending on how busy you are. Sure, I could’ve gone further and completed a few more deals for $1,000, but I wanted to cash out since I was going to Mexico in a week. Getting my $750 was super easy too – all I had to do was transfer the $750 directly into my PayPal account, through an ACH transfer, or any money transfer application! 

5. See your $750 five days later

Five days later, my plane landed, and I was lounging out on the white sandy beaches of Mexico when I opened my account and saw a $750 deposit – talk about perfect timing. If you have something big of your own coming up, you can time it the same way – just cash out five days beforehand. 

Earning this money was a rewarding experience that I would happily do all over again. Paid participation is required, which essentially means I spent a little bit to earn a lot more. This was the most exciting money I ever made, and it should be the same for you. 

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