I Got $750 Through Gaming Deals – Here’s How To Get Yours

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When I go shopping, I’m always on the hunt for great deals. I’m also a big-time gamer who was recently looking to upgrade my gaming PC, which meant I needed a fun, hands-off way to earn money. When my friend Justin told me about how he earned $750 by completing deals on UpLevel Rewards, like downloading and playing games, I knew I had to give it a try too. 

I’ll admit, when Justin mentioned he earned $750, I thought UpLevel Rewards might be too good to be true. Could I really earn $750 just by doing something I enjoy? I later discovered that the $750 is only partway there – I could earn as much as $1,000 just by completing more deals. I found deals that included tons of fun games, subscriptions, and so much more.

To earn my $750, all I needed to start was to sign up and complete a short survey. The survey asked me questions that would help UpLevel Rewards find deals specific to my interests. Once I finished the survey, I found so many deals, especially for games. Who knew earning money could be such a good time?

Completing each deal was extremely easy too. I started on level one, then by level two (completing two deals), I was eligible to cash out. By level three (five deals), I had already earned $100! The deals were so fun, I kept doing them until I reached level five (15 deals). 

After completing 20 deals, I decided to cash out my reward so I could buy my new gaming computer. I had the option to transfer my earnings via my PayPal account, through an ACH transfer, or any money transfer application. All this extra cash allowed me to finally upgrade my gaming station! 

If you’re looking for great paid-participation deals that offer you cash, I say you should give UpLevel Rewards a go. Earning my $750 was fun and hassle-free, and I’m sure you’ll say the same once you try it too!

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