Everything We Know About Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney’s Split

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Last week, it was announced that musicians Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney had separated and filed for divorce after three years of marriage. Why are they getting divorced, who is to blame, and what will happen to their children? Read on below for all this and more.

The relationship

Michelle Branch is a pop singer-songwriter and guitarist who’s been active since she was signed to the record label Maverick in 2001. Branch is best known for her songs “Are You Happy Now?” and “Leave The Pieces,” as well as her collaboration with Santana on the song “The Game of Love.”

Patrick Carney is a drummer and producer best known for his work as the drummer of the blues rock band The Black Keys. He has also produced a variety of artists through his recording studio, Audio Eagle.

Branch and Carney began dating in 2015 after they met at a Grammy party. Carney produced Branch’s album Hopeless Romantic, and they moved in together at Carney’s Nashville home in 2017. They were married in New Orleans at the Marigny Opera House in April 2019. The former couple have two children together.

What happened?

Last week, in a statement to PEOPLE magazine, Branch announced that she and Carney had separated after three years of marriage. The next day, she filed divorce paperwork in Davidson County, Tennessee, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce.

Branch’s domestic assault arrest

Earlier on the day Branch announced their separation, she was arrested at their home in Nashville on a domestic assault charge for allegedly slapping Carney in the face. She was taken into custody but released on bond of $1,000. 

Branch will most likely be let off in court without any major punishment, but she is still due in court on November 7th. 

Cheating accusations against Carney

The primary reason for Branch and Carney’s separation and divorce seems to be accusations of infidelity. The day before their separation was announced, Branch tweeted and then deleted a message on Twitter accusing Carney of cheating on her while she was watching their baby.

What’s going to happen with the children?

Branch and Carney’s first son, Rhys James Carney, was born in August of 2018. Their daughter, Willie Jacquet Carney, was born in February of this year and named after Carney’s grandmother and Branch’s middle name. In the divorce paperwork, Branch requested that she receive primary parental responsibilities for the children and that Carney pay child support in order to have “reasonable parenting time privileges.”

Branch has publicly asked for a measure of privacy and kindness towards her and her family, especially as she has two children under the age of five. In a statement to PEOPLE, she said, “To say that I am totally devastated doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel for myself and for my family. The rug has been completely pulled from underneath me and now I must figure out how to move forward.”

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