5 Summer Solstice Ideas to Start Planning Now

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The summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is just around the corner. With the sun shining bright and the days stretching longer, it’s the perfect time to embrace the joy and warmth of the season. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a food lover, or someone who just needs some time to relax in nature, here are five exciting summer solstice ideas to start planning now for June 21st.

Host a backyard bonfire celebration

Gather your loved ones and welcome the summer solstice with a bonfire celebration in your own backyard. Set up campfire chairs or other seating and string lights and create a playlist of upbeat tunes to set the mood. Encourage any talented friends or family members to bring guitars or other musical instruments and share music and stories around the crackling bonfire. Don’t forget to provide hot dogs or marshmallows (or both) for roasting and tasty snacks to keep everyone fueled throughout the evening.

Go on an early sunrise hike

Set your alarm early and take this opportunity on the longest day of this year to witness the beauty of the summer solstice sunrise. Find a nearby hiking trail with a view and make your way to the summit in the pre-dawn darkness. As the first rays of summer solstice sunlight peek over the horizon, you’ll experience a moment of pure awe and connection with nature. Capture the scene with your camera for social media or your own memories or simply take a deep breath and soak in the sunlight.

Plan a solstice picnic

Indulge in an outdoor picnic to celebrate the summer solstice in style. Scout for a picturesque location, such as a nearby park or a scenic overlook, and pack a basket full of fruits, salads, or sandwiches. Don’t forget to include a bottle of chilled sparkling water, lemonade, or your favorite summer drink to toast to the longest day of the year. Relax, savor the flavors, and enjoy the company of your loved ones out in the beauty of nature. This can be a perfect date opportunity with a significant other or even a first date.

Practice sun salutations at sunrise

Embrace the spiritual side of the summer solstice by engaging in a morning yoga practice. Find a nice quiet spot in your garden or a local park and welcome the sun’s energy with a series of sun salutations. As you flow through each pose, enjoy the warmth and vitality that the height of the summer brings to the earth. Invite some of your friends or join a community yoga event to share your rejuvenating experience with others.

Organize a midsummer night’s garden party

Create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere by hosting a traditional Midsummer Night’s party in your backyard. Decorate your outdoor space with fairy lights, lanterns, and floral arrangements. Serve your favorite seasonal dishes and drinks, and entertain your guests with live music or a friend serving as DJ. Enjoy spending this time under the summer sky.