7 Summer Tours Everyone Is Excited About

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Summer concert tours and music festivals are some of the best things about the season, and if you have vacation time this summer it’s certainly worth seeing if you can catch one of your favorite artists live. Don’t have an idea of who to go see? Here are seven summer 2023 tours from pop to rock music that everyone is excited about.

Alicia Keys – Keys to the Summer Tour

June 28-Aug. 2

Singer-songwriter Alicia Keys will be touring across all of North America for the whole month of July as well as a few days in June and August. The tour will have 23 total shows, and Keys has stated that thanks to redesigned audio and visual production it’ll be unlike anything her fans have ever seen before.

Post Malone – If Y’all Weren’t Here, I’d Be Crying Tour

July 8-Aug. 19

The now most-diamond-certified artist in history will be touring the United States starting on July 8th. Malone’s highly anticipated fifth studio album Austin will be released on July 28th, three weeks into the tour. The show is sure to feature some of Post Malone’s fan-favorite classics as well as some songs from the new album.

Beyoncé – Renaissance World Tour

July 12-Sept. 26

Beyonce’s world tour to celebrate her 2022 album Renaissance officially kicked off in May, but the U.S. portion of the tour will begin on July 12 with a show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is easily one of the most anticipated tours of the year, and the cheapest ticket prices for many of the shows have already surpassed $300.

The Smashing Pumpkins – The World Is a Vampire Tour

July 28-Sept. 9

Alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins will be touring from July to September with their The World Is a Vampire tour, named after the opening line in their iconic 1995 song “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.” The tour will feature guest performances from Interpol, Rival Sons, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Pearl Jam – 2023 North American Tour

Aug. 31-Sept. 19

Another must-see tour for fans of 90s and 2000s alt-rock and grunge is Pearl Jam’s North American Tour, which will run from late August through the fall. The tour features a guest act by Inhaler, a rock band whose frontrunner, Elijah Hewson, is Bono’s son.

Jonas Brothers – The Tour

Aug. 12-Oct. 14

As their most recent album was titled simply The Album, it makes sense that the Jonas Brothers would name this year’s tour in the same fashion. This two-month tour will include music from all of the group’s five albums, including the newest one which was released just this May.

Guns N’ Roses – 2023 World Tour

Aug. 5-Oct. 16

For fans of classic rock, legendary band Guns N’ Roses will be bringing their world tour back to North America late this summer, starting with an August 5th performance in Moncton, CA. The tour will feature several well-known guest artists, including rock band Alice in Chains and even country singer Carrie Underwood.