5 Exciting Takeaways from the September 2023 Nintendo Direct

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The September 2023 Nintendo Direct was packed with thrilling announcements and updates that left fans eagerly anticipating the future of gaming. Here are five key announcements from the latest iteration of this event.

‘Princess Peach: Showtime!’

The latest Nintendo Direct has unveiled the gameplay and the official name for ‘Princess Peach: Showtime!’, the newest game from the Mario Bros universe. Nintendo announced a while ago that a Princess Peach game was in the works, and now we finally have a look at the gameplay. The new game lets the player, as Princess Peach, take on a variety of roles to “save the play.”

Some of these roles include Swordfighter Peach, Detective Peach, and Kung Fu Peach, and the gameplay can vary widely based on which role you want to play as Princess Peach, one of the most beloved Nintendo characters.

‘Detective Pikachu Returns’

The beloved Detective Pikachu is back with a brand-new adventure, ‘Detective Pikachu Returns,’ the first title in the series since 2016’s ‘Detective Pikachu’ for the Nintendo 3DS. The development of this game was first announced in 2019, and it’s set to release on October 6, just a few weeks from now.

At Nintendo Direct, the company revealed a final cinematic trailer to give fans another look at the new game.  Fans can look forward to solving captivating mysteries alongside Detective Pikachu and a variety of other Pokemon. With its HD visuals and engaging gameplay, this sequel promises to be an exciting addition to the Pokemon franchise.

‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown’

Nintendo has partnered with Ubisoft to bring back the iconic ‘Prince of Persia’ franchise with the newest game, ‘Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.’ This new 2.5D platformer lets the player control a new hero named Sargon on his journey to Mount Qaf to rescue Prince Ghassan of Persia.

The new game brings mechanics similar to classic platformers like ‘Metroid’ and ‘Castlevania,’ as well as a unique art style. Fans of the series will likely be thrilled to play the first ‘Prince of Persia’ game since 2010.

Remakes of classic Nintendo games

Speaking of classic games, Nintendo is continuing to remake some of its most popular classics for the Switch. Remade games we can expect coming up include the Super Nintendo classic ‘Super Mario RPG,’ ‘Tomb Raider’ 1, 2, and 3, and the GBA game ‘Mario vs. Donkey Kong.’

These games will bring revamped graphics and the modern feel of the Nintendo Switch along with the original stories and mechanics for an exciting combination that’s sure to bring nostalgia to many gamers.

Switch games being remastered for HD

It’s not just games from older platforms being redone, Nintendo is giving some of its classic Switch games a high-definition makeover. The fan-favorite ‘Luigi’s Mansion 2’ is the latest game receiving visual upgrades, making it an even more immersive and visually stunning adventure.

‘Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD’ will be arriving next summer, and will be a must-buy for many owners of the Nintendo Switch OLED with its better graphical capability.