Man Sues Background Check Site After Wife Uses Site To Catch Him Cheating

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Mary was browsing the web one night after a long day at work and taking care of her 3 young children when she discovered the background check site After Mary looked up her own information and confirmed that the information was accurate, she started searching for friends and eventually her husband of 13 years, Frank. What Mary found was devastating.

Frank had numerous online dating profiles where he listed himself as “single and ready to mingle.” Mary waited for Frank to come home from “a friends house” and she confronted him that night. With the overwhelming evidence from there was no denying that Frank had been cheating on Mary, possibly with dozens of women. Immediately Mary knew Frank’s late nights at the office were him really just a cover for his frequent sexual rendezvous.

Mary quickly divorced Frank and took custody of their children. What Frank decided to do next shocked everyone, especially the Chief Executive Officer of Frank sued for his wife finding out about his multiple affairs. Frank is now seeking more than one million dollars in damages. At a pre-trial hearing, Frank shouted “ ruined my life by revealing private information about me.”

Mary fired back by saying “When I searched his name it came right up, he had accounts matching his name and email on, and many others. even provided me a screenshot of his profile where it states he is “never married” for relationship status.” Frank then stated that he had slept with at least 10 different women within the last 12 months.

The case can be found on the Clark County website case number 16A003140, Clark County Courts.

The Clark County Times headline: “Frank from Dallas Texas filed a lawsuit against background check site this month in court. In the lawsuit, he alleges provided his wife with “confidential” information about him. His wife divorced him based on this information and he wants to pay.”

Frank never disputed that the information was inaccurate or that he was having an affair with numerous women behind his wife’s back.’s lawyers state that “only pulls from public records but includes many different social and dating websites around the internet. It can give you a full picture of someone’s online activity almost instantly but does not disclose anything confidential.”
This trial is expected to go on for more than 6 months and could possibly go to the United States Supreme Court.

More and more Americans are using online background check services like – They use the service to scope out friends, family, teachers, co-workers or anyone they feel like. Searching is easy all you have to do is type in a name and the state they live in. Instantly you can get access to a huge amount of data from criminal records, property records. In Mary’s case she also found out about quite a bit of online activity from her husband as well. Is there anyone you would look up on

If Frank wins the trial, could be shut down leaving this information inaccessible to people like Mary.

What do you think? Should Frank be entitled to a million dollars from


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  • June 29, 2018 at 11:58 am

    Frank deserves to be sucked out of every single penny he has.


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