If You Work At A Computer All Day, You Need These Glasses.

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Fashion meets tech-based function is happening like never before. There are sunglasses that Snapchat for you and watches that keep track of your every move. But sometimes the most ingenious inventions are the simplest. While these might look like your typical trendy eyewear, Healthy Office’s glasses protect from tech-created blue light. They’re the only way I could cure my chronic tech headaches, but the benefits are much great than just that.

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Since graduating college a couple of years ago, a lot of things have changed in my life and my body. One of the biggest challenges have been my chronic headaches. After visiting a handful of doctors, I realized that my constant screen-related work as a writer, blogger, and tech lover was the problem. Naturally, I went to the eye doctor to fix my eye strain. I couldn’t believe it, my eye doctor told me that I didn’t need glasses and my vision was 20:20. She suggested I research blue light glasses since I spend so much time in front of screens. I set out on a mission to find the best pair of computer glasses to solve my problem.

It turns out I’m not the only one, either. According to experts, 60.5 percent of people report “experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain” of the 83 percent of people who use digital devices more than two hours per day.

After hours of research (more time in front of a computer) I finally found a solution.

A brand called Healthy Office which specifically designed blue light blocking glasses for my needs that are functional, fashionable and most importantly affordable.

“We’re changing the game in eyewear and making people feel better at work and at home. We’re creating eyewear for today’s world, a life where many times we’re in front of a screen,” The founder of Healthy Office tells People Hype.

When I first slipped on these glasses, I didn’t see a difference at all. Honestly, I thought it might have been a gimmick. But as I started wearing them in front of the computer, everything changed. Despite there being no prescription in the lenses, I no longer squinted at the screen I was looking at. Even better than that, my chronic headaches were gone within a week.

Are these glasses just for tech elite like programmers and tech executives? 

No – these glasses are for everyday people who look at digital screens everyday. Not only do these glasses help with looking at a computer, they also help with smart phones and flat screen TVs. So your next Netflix binge you can feel safe knowing that your eyes are protected.

Are these glasses too expensive? 

You would expect designer eyewear like this to cost $300 – $400, but since Healthy Office sells direct to consumer, cutting out middle men like retailers they are able to offer their products at just $85 to $100, (You Can Save an Additional 30% Using Code: PeopleHype)  They don’t currently offer prescription, but, oddly enough, according to Healthy Office many of the people who wear the glasses have 20/20 vision. They either don’t need glasses or wear them to look at screens while their contacts are in.

Are they for me? 

How do you know if you’re suffering from blue light eye strain? Odds are that if you look at a screen, you could use a pair of the Healthy Office glasses. According to Healthy Office’s Founder, blue light causes side-effects other than just headaches.

“There are several negative side effects for your eyes that result from exposure to blue light,” Healthy Office says. “For one, blue light can cause symptoms of Digital Eye Strain (eyestrain, blurry vision, headaches) given the high energy it emits. Blue light also suppresses melatonin, which can affect our sleep quality.”

They explain that blue light is right next to UV light on the light spectrum and can have even worse side effects. According to the eyewear expert, there’s an even bigger correlation to macular degeneration to blue light than UV.

Forget everything you think you know about glasses, because this brand is completely changing the game. Not only do Healthy Office glasses look great, but they go from work to play and back to work effortlessly.

Of course, the lack of chronic headaches is also a perk.

UPDATE: Healthy Office has extended a limited time offer to all PeopleHype readers of 30% off any of their blue light blocking glasses. Use Code: PeopleHype


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