How to Master Solo Travel as a Woman

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If you do a lot of travel like I do, you likely are interested in the best, most interesting, welcoming, and safe places to travel. Most of the time I visit different locations with at least one of my friends. But when I do have the itch to go somewhere completely alone, I make sure to do my research. Here are some of the tips I’ve found helpful:

1. Picking the right destination. If you don’t read the international and worldwide news much, then you should definitely check travel advisories before you pick your destination. Why am I telling you this? You don’t want to go somewhere where there may be the potential for danger.Trip Advisor is a great resource because you can see how many people at that country you want to travel to speak your own language (if you are frightened to go somewhere no one would be able to understand you).

2. What will you wear there? Be sure that you always take knee-length skirts, scarves and jackets and everything that need to cover yourself. Why? There may be restaurants, museums, or entire cities that favor a more modest dress style for women. This may not be PC here in the US, but it’s best to observe other countries traditions of other cultures–for your safety, and out of respect.

3. Don’t be afraid. Believe me, you can be brave! This will be a journey of your life! You will finally come out of your comfort zone, and yes, I know how hard that is. Meet new people, but of course, choose wisely. Explore the culture you will visit in that country. Try some new specialties. Talk with your hands, if no one at your ‘perfect destinations’ speaks your native language. Have fun!

4. Don’t stay for too long. Why not stay for too long? Because this is your first woman solo trip, right? You don’t need to be afraid, but yet, you should at least be sure how you won’t stay for so long because you may feel anxiety by not having anyone by your side, and that is what happens most of the times.

Overall, I am already jealous of you, because I remember how my first solo trip was awesome! So much adrenaline, so much happiness, ”meeting the new you”…

2 thoughts on “How to Master Solo Travel as a Woman

  • July 19, 2018 at 11:16 am

    Don’t let yourself be limited! The world is much friendlier than most say! Go anywhere that your mind and heart tell you!

  • June 15, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    I do travel alone a lot and I can assure that these are great advice. The strongest I suggest is not being afraid. No one is out to get you as much as people say they are.


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