7 Incredible Life Lessons To Learn Early

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Throughout our life, we learn many valuable life lessons. This same statement is true especially as we grow older and the world changes around us. Some of us are fortunate to find our passion, to be able to work around the world, or even find love.

Over our lives, we’ve achieved a lot, but there are still some valuable lessons to learn. Below are some key lessons that are important–whether you learn them early or late.

Finding your spark: Finding your spark can be difficult. A lot of us have to pursue one thing to find what we really want to do. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to pick up something you have been putting off. The same goes for finding our passions. When you do manage to find it, hold onto it and nurture it, grow it into something that can make you happy. It’ll change your life.

It’s either “Yes” or “No”, never in the middle: People who regularly say “maybe” or “not sure” have already figured out their answer. Deep down they don’t want to admit it is all. Remember that if one foot is out of the door half the time things will not work out well for you or others. Be firm with your decisions and know what you want in life.

Truth is in peoples actions, not their words: It’s easy to say a lot of things or talk big, but people won’t take you seriously if you rely on them all the time. You can tell people how you feel as much as you like, but what matters, in the end, is whether you do anything about it. Like starting a business, you can talk about your ideas for days, but people won’t take you seriously until you build one and start selling.

Buy experiences rather than stuff: Yes, some things we certainly need for survival, but your tenth pair of shoes? Or that designer outfit you bought last week? Experiences are worth their weight in gold and are far more valuable to us than any item we will ever purchase. When we get older and lay on our death bed, we’re not going to look back on the stuff we bought, but the memories that we had.

Authenticity is vital: Never pretend to be someone you aren’t just to fit in. Being authentic isn’t an easy thing either. It takes a lot of energy to discover who you are and be comfortable with who you are as well. That being said, it takes even more energy to pretend to be someone you aren’t either. So don’t be afraid to be your natural self. If people walk away that’s their issue.

Add value to people’s lives: Whether you are doing this as part of a business or as an individual, make sure that you are always giving value to people’s lives. This can be in the form of a compliment or helping someone out. Perhaps even buying the person a meal if you are the charitable type. Either way, take time to enrich peoples lives as it will be paid forward in kind.

Realize the hardest part of doing anything is starting: Many times, the most challenging part of accomplishing anything for us is actually starting. Break out of that by simply starting something. If you are looking to get healthier take up running. If running isn’t possible do some pushups or sit-ups. Whatever it is you want to start, start it now.

2 thoughts on “7 Incredible Life Lessons To Learn Early

  • September 10, 2018 at 8:21 am

    It’s like…it summarizes everything my grandfather ever taught me.

  • July 16, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    This is like a step by step for life. I should put this on my classroom.


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