How To Learn About A Neighbor With Just Their Name

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If you recently moved, or had a new neighbor move in nearby, it makes sense to do some research on who the people living in your neighborhood are.

Sure, you could just trust that they are good people and harmless. But is it worth the risk?

Most people would rather just do their own research online, but you have a ton of options. Here’s how to find neighbor information quickly and easily with a name.

Online Research Is The New Phonebook

In the past, finding out more details about people was hard to do.

You would look through local phone books, talk to local police or even hire an expensive private investigator.

No matter which option you chose, it was either time consuming or expensive.

How do you know what the right solution is for you?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. You can track down information through Google searches, public records or even at your local library.

Which Is The Best?

Google searches are limited and there are a number of ways to have unfavorable results hidden or removed from Google.

Public record searches are great, you can find marriage / divorce records, previous addresses, criminal activity, and loads of other information.

For most people, public record searches will give you all the information you would want about someone. The process is pretty straight forward.

Depending on your city and state this includes visiting your local municipal building and requesting access to public records. There are often forms that need to be filled out to access the records.

Most often these records are not digitized and can take hours to dig through.

Now, the internet provides great alternatives.

A website like does the heavy lifting for you with public record searches. They aggregate all the public records into one place so it takes only 17 seconds to get your results.

Sites like are great because the search is free. If there’s data available, you’ll know right away.

Our Recommendation:

After exhaustive research, we have determined that an online solution like is the best option.

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  • September 9, 2018 at 6:12 am

    This is good to make sure that the neighborhood you live in is as safe as they told you when you were buying.


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