What Do Computer Glasses Do?

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It seems like you can’t go anywhere without hearing about computer glasses that help people who work in front of computer screens reduce eyestrain and be more productive. All the buzz is perfectly timed — over the past few years, I noticed that i’ve been getting headaches at work and have trouble focusing after being at my computer for hours on end. I want to be more productive and do my job better, but its almost impossible when my eyes start to tired by mid afternoon. (My co-workers all struggle with similar issues) Plus, when I’m not looking at my computer, I’m on my iPhone or at home  watching Netflix. I like many others am spending 10+ hours per day looking at digital screens. In 2018 it’s unavoidable.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve started investigating computer glasses as a solution after a co-worker recommended Healthy Office computer glasses. (greatly appreciated) Wearing computer glasses totally changed my lifestyle for the better in 5 key ways.


Eyestrain is when you get that tired eyes feeling where you can’t quite focus hard enough to complete even simple tasks. The symptoms of eyestrain are eye discomfort, headaches, dry eyes, itchy eyes, blurred vision and even neck / shoulder pain. I suffered from a few of these symptoms and after putting my Healthy Office computer glasses on I felt an immediate effect. My eyes relaxed and my eyes felt fresh again.


Since I never wore glasses before this, I always wondered how I’d look wearing glasses. I chose the most popular Presidio style and they sat very nicely on my face. I started getting compliments from all my co-workers on my new look. I’m probably going to order a pair of Mission to help complete my look.


I always try to be a top performer at work and ace my performance reviews, but I could feel myself starting to slip. Now while wearing my Healthy Office computer glasses, I find that I’m able to not only work longer hours more comfortably, but I’m more efficient during long excel crunch sessions. My boss is seriously considering buying Healthy Office glasses for our entire office.

Worry Free

If your mom is anything like mine, she always warned me as a child about sitting too close to the TV. I never really thought about that until college where I found myself pulling all nighters studying on my laptop. Now I’m clocking 10+ hours per day looking at screens 5+ days per week. Knowing that I have a level of protection against harmful blue light gives me peace of mind that I’m doing something to combat eye health issues down the road.


I didn’t realize I had a problem falling asleep but after wearing my Healthy Office computer glasses for a few weeks, I noticed that I was falling asleep faster and waking up more rested. I did some research online and it turns out that my Healthy Office computer glasses not only making me feel better at work, but were filtering out blue light from my day to day activities. Blue light tricks your brain into thinking its daytime which makes it harder to fall asleep, by blocking blue light in the evenings, your circadian rhythm can function normally.

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