How You Can Boost Your Memory

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Our brain is an interesting part of our body, but it’s something that we often times neglect. Much like our muscles, if we don’t exercise it, it’ll be tougher to develop. Not only that but our brains can atrophy as well much like our muscles. To be more specific, our brain’s ability to withstand neurological damage from aging amongst other factors diminishes as we get older.

It’s for this reason why we want to be exercising our brain. When people don’t exercise their brains, their ability to perform mental tasks becomes harder and at worst we can develop severe memory loss–especially as they age.

Instead of worrying about that, here are some exercises that you can do right now to help you in giving yourself a memory boost.

Of course one method that can help you a lot is exercising, however, things that help in impacting brain development directly is testing your ability to recall things. This activity involves you creating a list. This could be tasked you want to do during the day, a grocery list, or really any list that you can think of. The idea with this is to write down as many items as you’d like, don’t look at the list for a solid hour and then try to list off everything you put on the list without looking. If you want further mental stimulation to make the list more challenging.

Another long-term activity that boosts memory is learning to play an instrument or even singing. Research shows that when we are learning something complex or new for long periods of time, we improve our memory. The same applies to learning another language as well. On the note of music, what can also help is listening to classical music. The reason this can help is that there are normally multiple instruments involved. Being able to identify the sounds and connect them to an instrument is a fun exercise too.

On the topic of learning, doing math in your head can help immensely in boosting memory as well. This means no help from pencil and paper tactics or pulling out your phone’s calculator app. If you want a further challenge, do mental math while walking.

One other practical way of boosting memory is taking up cooking classes. Cooking is a practical and helpful skill for all of us to have. At the same time though cooking often entails having to memorize recipes and measurements as well. Not only that but cooking involves a number of senses as well which are involved in various parts of our brain.

On the note of food, another great activity is challenging your taste buds. When you are eating, as we suggested when listening to classical music, try to identify the ingredients that were used in the recipe. An easy method is to identify vegetables, fruits, and the like while if you are looking for a challenge you can try to identify spices and herbs that are in the meal.

The last memory activity that you can take up is learning a new sport. Like we said at the start, exercising can help a lot. The big reason is that sports prompt us to use our body for sure, but also our mind as well. There is more strategy behind sport than you might think. If you don’t believe us, consider taking up basic sports like yoga, tennis, badminton or golf.

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  • September 4, 2018 at 10:15 am

    My brain is so dumb it needs stuff like these to properly work.

  • August 24, 2018 at 7:17 am

    Boy do I need this! I’m tired of being so forgetful.


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