The Perfect Gift For Any Chicagoan

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After meeting in a rec softball league (so Chicago!) my now husband and I made the tough decision to move across the country for a job opportunity in Phoenix. We love our new home but missed so many things about living in Chicago like street festivals, Cubs games and the convenience of not needing to own a car.  But winters, I don’t miss Chicago winters!

My husband’s birthday was a month away and I wanted to surprise him with a trip to Chicago but flights were a bit pricey and our work schedules were busy, so it just didn’t work out. I wanted to find him a gift that would remind him of of our home. I searched online and found the usual stuff, Garrett’s popcorn, Lou Malnati’s pizza and a whole host of other Chicago food options, but they all felt like corporate gifts, not nearly personal enough. Other options like T-shirts and memorabilia felt like tourist crap. I wanted something personal and unique that told the story of our time in Chicago together.

The birthday was just a week away and the stress to find the perfect gift was starting to build, I felt hopeless. The next day I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw a post for Chi Times Chicago Canvas Art and I knew it was perfect. Chi Times has re-created every CTA train stop sign as a beautiful gallery quality canvas print. I found the Damen Blue Line sign where we had so many memories, waiting for the train on those blistering cold mornings, coming home late and grabbing tacos at Big Star, this station was like our second home.

I placed an order and luckily Chi Times offers express shipping so the canvas arrived just in time! My husband and I went out to his favorite restaurant and when we came home I told him that I had a special surprise for him. We got home and I brought him out the canvas, he’s not really an emotional guy but I could tell that this got to him a little. He told me he loved it and that he loved me. We spent the rest of the night reminiscing about our best Chicago memories.

UPDATE: Chi Times has announced that many of their most popular prints are sold out or back ordered, but will be back in stock soon.

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Gift For Any Chicagoan

  • September 4, 2018 at 10:11 am

    I’m from Chicago and this read makes me miss my home so much.

  • August 23, 2018 at 1:51 pm

    One of my best friends just recently moved to Chicago and these are excellent ideas for her birthday next week.


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