Ways That You Can Reduce Work Stress In Under A Minute

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We all feel stressed out at work at times. From angry customers to the sheer workload that we have. The good thing is there are many ways that we can manage this stress in the heat of the moment or even in the aftermath. Consider these methods when you are looking for a quick stress-relief.

The first method is a common one but it still holds weight: deep and slow breathing. The reason is simple. When we get stressed, our body releases adrenaline. While adrenaline makes us stronger in brief moments, in some situations it causes us to stress out and panic. By breathing deeply, it reduces our adrenaline levels to the point that it gets very difficult to feel stressed.

Another great method of handling stress is by asking ourselves a simple question: “Is this something that’ll matter in five years from now?” In a lot of cases, the moments we experience are temporary. One great way to help us realize that is putting the situation we experienced in the greater context of our lives. As a result, a lot of things we experience now are things that won’t really bother us later on down the road.

If thinking isn’t going to cut it, you can turn from logical to creative by doodling. Creativity actually turns on rational prefrontal cortex which means if we are looking at a prettier to-do list it may actually make the tasks on the list look far more manageable.

Moving back to a logical side of things, thinking about what is going right in the world can help tremendously. A lot of us talk about the news most times, however, the issue is that most news these days isn’t always the most positive. If people are constantly talking about bad news – especially stuff that’s out of their control – they’re going to feel more stressed out.

Next up is actually taking the time to stretch. A lot of people work at desks and find these jobs not only stressful but exhausting. Even if you have the most comfortable chair in the world, nothing can beat relaxation than by getting out of the chair and stretching. When you stretch, you are releasing endorphins along with healthy chemicals that aid your body in combatting involuntary stress responses.

The last tip that we recommend that helps you destress in under a minute is refilling your go-to drink. By getting a refill of your drink, it staves off dehydration. Lucky for us dehydration is one of those triggers that cause our body to get stressed out. What is also pretty good about getting the fix of your drink is that it helps you to get re-energized. So stay hydrated and reward yourself with a walk to the break room for a celebratory refreshing drink.

Stress is a huge problem in our lives of course, but there are many ways that we can deal with stress. Try these quick tips out to soothe your body and work stress-free throughout the day.

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    This week has been especially harsh, hopefully this will help to bring me breather for now.

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    I have so many articles about stress relief. I will add this one now none the less.

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    I really hope this work. It is dire and I need a solution quick.


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