I bought sheets from Brooklinen and I’m never looking back

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Instagram was giving me paralyzing FOMO (yes, I’m a cliche, and no, I don’t care). All those cute families curled up in a pile of fluffy sheets and blankets, bathrooms with towels that look like they belong in a hotel, and cozy living rooms filled with books and flickering candles.

One of my favorite lifestyle bloggers posted a picture of her dreamy-looking bedroom, with the caption, “OMG, Brooklinen makes the softest, most comfortable sheets I’ve ever slept in — and my husband thinks so, too! In fact, their entire line of housewares transformed our home and let us stay under our budget.” Her enthusiasm seemed a little…dramatic. But as I read more comments on the post, that sentiment was echoed over and over.

Inspired by the brand’s cult following, I bought Brooklinen’s Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle…and now, there’s no going back. They’re the softest, most comfortable sheets I’ve ever owned, period. I might have gone on a bit of a Brooklinen bender and purchased products for almost every room in my home.

Forget about high-end retailers with their insane prices, like Restoration Hardware. I’m also saying goodbye to discount home furnishing stores with disorganized, poor selections, like Home Goods. From now on, I’m a Brooklinen loyalist. Here’s why.

Brooklinen believes amazing bedding shouldn’t cost a fortune

Brooklinen’s founders built the company on the philosophy that people deserve simple, beautiful, high-quality bedding at a fair and accessible price. Their sheets are spun from sumptuous long-staple cotton in chic, minimalist colors and designs — yet they start at just $99. That’s a fraction of the price you’d pay for bedding from high-end brands like Matouk Meridian and Callisto Home (one Callisto duvet cover can cost as much as $915!).

Considering we spend a third of our lives in bed, I wanted comfortable sheets of the highest quality. With Brooklinen, that’s exactly what I got — at an unbeatable price.

They did the work so you can relax

In their quest for the finest product, Brooklinen’s founders became self-taught bedding experts. They spent countless hours researching what makes a superior sheet and learning about concepts like ply, weave, and long-staple fibers. Then they found a manufacturer who could bring that sheet to life.

I think of them as my housewares sherpas, guiding me safely past the traps of cheap, disposable housewares and overpriced, guilt-inducing ones — and into the magical land of profound Housewares Nirvana.

Oh wait, did I just say “housewares”? Oh, you bet I did. Because Brooklinen also offers incredibly plush bath towels, super-soft blankets, beautifully scented candles, and more goodies for your nest.

No risk, all the reward

And you can shop for all those goodies from the comfort of your own home. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to skip the department store and its miles of racks and overwhelming number of options. With Brooklinen, I just buy online and get my purchases delivered straight to my door, hassle free. So when my mom was coming to visit and I suddenly remembered my guest room needed a refresh, I went to Brooklinen’s site and added their Classic Core Sheet Set to my cart. I also went for the rose-scented Magic Hour candle, because she’s my mom and I want to spoil her.

Brooklinen is so confident you’ll love their stuff, they offer free returns and a lifetime warranty on their sheets and comforters. But I’ve never had to take advantage of those policies because I love everything I buy from them.

No middlemen = you get all the savings

At this point, you’re probably a bit skeptical. You may be like, “But exactly how does Brooklinen make their products so affordable?” Easy: By selling directly to their customers, Brooklinen avoids overhead expenses like middlemen, storefronts, and truly boring crap like “manufacturing export tariffs.” Then they pass those savings on to me. And you. And whoever else becomes addicted to the ultra-soft sheets and decides they can’t stop there — they need the Super-Plush Complete Towel Set, too (I bought a set for both of my bathrooms).

Their customers are obsessed

I’ve bought products from Brooklinen over and over–and I can’t be the only one. Brooklinen has over 20,000 five-star reviews and has been featured in GQ, Vogue, and Forbes. But their highest accolades are from regular people, who write super-happy reviews on their site, like this one: “Got the classic sheets right before I left to have my first baby. When I got home I put my sheets on and had one of the best night’s sleep.” If Brooklinen can give a brand-new mom the best night’s sleep of her life, imagine what they can do for you.

Mix and match for the perfect bed (and home)

Brooklinen’s sheets come in fresh, modern colors and patterns that look great together or apart. I ordered my duvet cover and extra pillowcases in Smoke Stripe, and my fitted sheet, flat sheet and two “core” pillowcases in Solid White. But Brooklinen offers plenty of options, in elegant solid colors like Sky Blue and Cream, and classic patterns like Windowpane and Bedford Navy Stripe.

And Brooklinen’s blankets are designed to be just as versatile. I wanted my bedroom to be an oasis of calm, neutral colors, so I choose the understated Cashmere and Lambswool Throw Blanket in Greige for my bed. In the living room, I tossed the Pendleton Heritage Blanket, woven with a color-saturated tribal design, on the back of my sofa. Its vibrant pattern added instant personality to the room.

Started by a husband and wife. Aww, how cute!

But seriously. How cute is that?! The whole Brooklinen story started several years ago when Rich and Vicki Fulop were looking for incredible bedding that didn’t cost them a month’s rent. When they couldn’t find it, they created it themselves. I love this for so many reasons. It’s so inspiring when people go out and solve their own problems. And I love knowing that my Brooklinen purchase supports a family-owned business doing good, honest work.

Top-notch customer service

I saved one of the best parts for last. Brooklinen provides friendly, accessible customer service, with team members available on live chat, email, and phones all day. But they don’t stop there. Here’s how closely Brooklinen listens to its customers: When a suggestion was made to add tags that read “long side” and “short side” to their fitted sheets, Brooklinen did exactly that — saving me and thousands of customers like me from getting a headache whenever we change our sheets. How many companies can say their relationship with their customers is so great, it actually improves everyone’s lives?

And at the end of the day, that’s why I’m a Brooklinen lifer. Their luxurious, high-quality products elevate every part of my day — from drying down with their towels after my morning shower to snuggling into their sheets at night. Some of my most enjoyable moments at home involve Brooklinen products. Thanks to them, my life is infinitely easier and infinitely cozier. And I stopped having FOMO — because I was happy in my own home.

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