5 Relationship Rules You Can and Should Totally Break

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Society loves to place constraints – expectations and guidelines – on us, and our relationships. A lot of these relationship rules are pretty outdated and don’t really apply to how people live their lives today.

Celebrity relationship expert, Audrey Hope says, “Relationship rules or guidelines are the invisible, silent, and unwritten laws people live by which constitutes or dictates how we get along with one another.” She continues, “Sometimes, they are cultural and often passed down to us by our parents. We can also receive them through our circles and social media.”

We may shrug these rules off as unimportant, but still, there are some we sometimes feel pressured to accept. Here are some rules you shouldn’t be forced to follow in your relationship anymore.

  1. Your partner needs to love your family

It may seem non-negotiable. However, the fact is that if one of your family members is difficult to relate to or get along with, your partner doesn’t have to necessarily love or like him or her.

However, they need to respect them and this respect should be reciprocated. It is a different situation if a member of your family doesn’t respect your partner.

  1. You should never go to sleep angry

If the world were perfect, both you and your partner would always settle any issue or disagreement before going to bed. Since the world we live in is far from perfect, that is practically impossible.

But it is advisable to resolve your issues as quickly as possible, that doesn’t mean the next morning isn’t quick enough, sleeping over issues sometimes helps us have a good hold on them. People with reactionary tendencies usually need time and space to consider things before giving a response.

  1. Having sex has to always be good

Sex, like most things in a relationship changes with time. It may be mind-blowing sometimes, while it will just be meh at other times.

The fact is, in order to maintain love with your partner, you don’t always have to have amazing sex. Movies can really be misleading, the most important thing is to maintain physical connection regularly.

  1. The guy has to pay always

In this era – I mean the 21st century – whoever pays for things is totally up to you, it is no longer defined by gender.

Even if your salary is nice and you can pay for things, your partner should also contribute every now and then. Just like women, men also like to feel appreciated and be treated nicely.

Remember how nice you feel going out with your guy and he takes care of the bill without thinking twice. Men also feel this way if you do it.

  1. You shouldn’t have friends of the opposite sex

You can totally boycott this relationship rule with the exception of an ex with unfinished business. It is okay for your partner to befriend people of the opposite gender and build a friendship with them so they’ll also become your friends too.

2 thoughts on “5 Relationship Rules You Can and Should Totally Break

  • September 3, 2018 at 10:13 am

    We should just focus on what we want and the different needs of each couple. This article might work for some, but for others, nothing at all.

  • August 22, 2018 at 6:54 am

    It’s perfect for our modernization. More couples should know about this.


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