7 Under The Radar Islands to Visit Now

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From the sandy beaches to crystal clear water, island life has a lot to offer travelers. Most people think immediately of the Bahamas or the Carribean when there are several unique and stunning islands that most of the tourists haven’t discovered.

For this list, we’ll be looking at islands recommended by travel bloggers and experts who have gone to some of these lesser-known islands and had memorable moments there.

Reunion Island is our first island. It’s located in the Indian Ocean and is part of the French Island territory. The island is surrounded by amazing beaches, lush tropical rainforests and it’s ideal for nature lovers or photographers alike.

The second island on the list is Egadi Islands, Italy. A little-known secret in Italy, these islands are off of the west coast of Sicily. It’s almost exclusively visited by Italians but they still have some features to make vacations nice: beaches, great food, and amazing wines. For those who can’t get to all three islands the recommended one is Marettimo which is the hardest to reach. However, it does offer snorkeling and doesn’t seem as tourist-like as the others.

The third island is Curaçao, a Dutch island that has some Caribbean and European vibes. It’s got gorgeous beaches and has European inspired architecture. The main attraction is the Pietermaai District which is a vibrant neighborhood that has bars, restaurants and more.

Breaking the mold on this one is the Faroe Islands, which sit between Norway and Iceland. These islands provide a refreshing summer destination mainly due to the fact that it’s not much of a tourist space or a place for you to get the perfect tan. Because of that, holidaymakers avoid this place which offers a fresh natural wonder. These islands are great for long walks in scenic areas and offer fantastic wild natural sceneries as well as rare wildlife sightings. For example, from mid-April to September, you can see Puffins, an Arctic bird of prey.

Off the west coast of Africa lays our next island: The Azores. A group of Portuguese islands, these islands offer a variety of summer adventures for people. Specifically, The Azores offer a wide range of sea sports and activities such as whale watching, surfing, canyoning, diving and more. Pair that up with Portuguese food and some stellar beaches the island offers a lot.

While many opt for Cancun for the party scene, there is one spot that isn’t affected at all by it if you aren’t the party type. Isla Holbox, which is only about 60 KM from Cancun, is a low-key destination for locals. It’s a tiny hideaway but is slowly growing its reputation as the next Tulum. Many visitors have said it is well worth the trek for the relaxing atmosphere as well as the great beaches.

The last island on our list is Utila. Located in Honduras, this island is sitting on the second largest barrier reef in the world. In fact, if you are looking for the largest in the Western Hemisphere, this is where it’s at. If you’re a huge fan of sharks, this is also a place where to go to spot the gentle whale shark pass the island as it’s part of their migratory paths.


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