This One Military Technique Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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Are you someone who struggles to fall asleep? If you answered yes chances are you’ve looked up and heard about so many different techniques to help with sleeping. From blinking a lot at night to reducing how much technology you use at night, some people still apply some of those techniques and struggle to get a decent nights sleep. Well, this technique that we’ll be explaining trumps all of those other strategies. In fact, it was developed in the US Navy Pre-Flight School so you know it’s going to be effective.

Even though this technique is no magic trick or has any special gimmicks, this technique can assure that you fall asleep within a matter of minutes! 

The idea behind this entire exercise is to relax your body, part by part, followed by attempting to empty your mind for at least ten seconds. It’s simple on paper, but it can be difficult if there is a lot of mental noise. Here is what you do.

The first step is to relax your muscles in your face. This also applies to your tongue, jaw, as well as any muscles around your eyes. The tongue is pretty easy, however, a lot of people lock their jaw at night or close their eyes shut tightly, avoid doing that and breath.

The second step is to drop your shoulders as low as you can get them. Follow that up relaxing your upper and lower arm on one side followed by the other. What might also help with this is to find a particular position where your arms feel relaxed. Try to recall what position you are in before falling to sleep. Once you are in that position or your arms are relaxed, breathe out and then relax your chest.

The last step is relaxing your legs. To do that focus first on your thighs followed by your calves.

It’s a simple procedure, but it can take a good minute or two to get through the list and be in a comfortable position. Again, you need to make sure your body is fully relaxed. The tricky part after that is then emptying your mind which can be difficult. After all, some of the reasons people can be so tense are due to stress which, of course, is caused by all the things running through your head. To help with that, consider distracting your mind by creating specific mental images.

Some mental images that are quite effective are painting a mental picture of you lying in a canoe while it’s floating down a calm lake, above there nothing but the blue sky. Another is imagining you are snuggling up in a black velvet hammock in a room that’s pitch-black. If all else fails you can paint a mental image of you saying “don’t think, don’t think.” Over and over again for ten seconds.

If all this sounds familiar, the reason being is that’s based on a lot of sleep mediation tracks. While this trick is nothing new, many military officials use this technique and it does wonders. Try it out.


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