Prevent Strains With These Changes to Your Workstation

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A lot of us spend several hours a day in front of a computer with little regard to the consequences. Even on the surface, using a computer can cause physical issues in how we sit and use our bodies. From slouching, extending our wrists, when we sit without any kind of support, we can create long-term problems for us.

That being said, there are some simple solutions that we can do to prevent these strains. Follow these steps to ensure that you developing better posture, and not making it worse.

The first step is to arrange your own workstation. A lot of people position monitors poorly and as a result, every time they sit down and work they cause injury to themselves. In order to prevent this, be sure to start each workday by adjusting your workstation. This means minimizing the number of times you need to move into awkward positions or having to perform the same movements constantly.

The second step is to adapt to laptops. It’s better for people to be working with desktops as laptops aren’t ergonomically designed for people to use them for long periods of time. The monitor and the keyboard are so close together that it can be difficult for people to get into an ergonomic position. Ideally, you should find a way to separate the two either through a bluetooth keyboard or an eye-level monitor. Additionally, try to achieve the same position as using a desktop where your elbows can rest at your sides.

Third step is to modify the body mechanics. What we mean by that is if you wear glasses make sure that they fit so you avoid tilting your head. Also type lightly to keep your muscles relaxed while you are working. Some other good modifications are to ensure that you are sitting tall which means your ears are aligned with shoulders and hips. Further, give your wrists a rest during the day by moving them away from the mouse.

Fourth step is to adjust your working patterns. You want to be reducing the big chunks of time in front of a computer as much as you can and sometimes that means working in smaller segments and you switch tasks between other tasks.

The final step to prevent strains is to move around. Movement is exercise and exercise has a number of benefits. But you don’t always need to be breaking a sweat to get those benefits. Getting out of your chair and walking around the office can allow you to relax tissues, lubricates joints and it prevents fatigue, stiffness, and more. It’s good practice for people to be moving at least a little bit once every 7 minutes.

By keeping these things in mind, you will prevent yourself from many injuries in the future. Remember, even though so many of us work at a desk these days, it doesn’t always mean it’s relaxing.


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