Hard Truths About Dating And Relationships

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While a lot of people believe that their relationship is different than so many others, and special the reality is that it’s probably not. Relationships take a lot of effort to maintain, and not all of them are everlasting. Relationships are so complex that even if you love your partner you may share utterly different values than your partner to the point it’s better to break up than to be together.

While many people don’t want to believe those hard truths, accepting them now – or understanding that they are there – can help you in handling relationships better.

The first harsh truth is that when it comes to many relationships is that so many people are attracted to people that drive them insane. For example, it’s common for people who have a strict schedule to do things may find it attractive that their partner has a more flexible schedule. That being said over time those types of values conflict with one another as the novelty starts to wear off. That’s not to say that these relationships never work, however, you need to keep the patterns in mind if you want a relationship to work.

Another harsh truth that so many single people have to face is that there’s high chance that ‘the one’ doesn’t exist. In the modern world, out of the thousands of eligible singles, there isn’t really a right one person. Long lasting couples will tell you that those who make it are the ones who’ll have picked someone and work hard to make the person a better fit. Chances are you won’t find the perfect fit right off the bat.

Another hard truth is that passion may start to dwindle as a relationship goes on. In so many cases couples panic when the fireworks stop after the early stages of a relationship. That being said, there is a way around that and a lot of it comes to scheduling sex or trying something new and exciting together (not necessarily a sex act). The idea is if it waning, be patient and let things work out.

The last hard truth that we need to accept is that most people in the dating world have unrealistic expectations for the relationships they want. From sex to regular dating life and a lot of that is fuelled by what we see on television and in the movies. That’s not reality but many people treat it as reality. As such regardless of age, it’s important to be sexually literate but to also control your expectations about what a relationship can provide you.

These are hard truths to accept, however, the sooner you come to terms with these the easier it’ll be to have a stronger and better relationship.

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