How One Doctor’s Health Scare Started A Wellness Revolution

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Dementia runs in my family, and I’m worried that I’ll develop it as I get older. The very thought that I may not remember how to do everyday activities, or even forget my loved ones’ names and faces, paralyzes me with fear.

My brother recently confided to me that he has similar concerns. We both saw our grandfather struggle to remember names, details, and memories. His illness left an impression on both of us, and we were determined to try to prevent such a decline from happening to us. He was researching brain-boosting supplements, called nootropics, but wasn’t completely convinced that they would actually work. How can a few extra vitamins and minerals change our brains?

A few weeks after our conversation, my brother emailed me an article about anesthesiologist Dr. James Lee and dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio. The Stanford-trained couple researched and developed a brain health formula called Liveli to combat Dr. Lee’s own severe decline in cognitive function. You see, Dr. Lee was at the top of his field in March 2010 when he collapsed while treating a patient undergoing surgery. In the 18 months of suffering that followed, Dr. Lee rapidly declined into a state of confusion and exhaustion. For months, he could barely talk and he couldn’t retain new information – devastating for a doctor of his caliber. He even forgot how to brush his teeth!

Although doctors eventually found and treated the brain tumor causing his agony, they told Dr. Lee that this weakened cognitive state was the new normal and he simply needed to get used to his new reality. Well, the two doctors refused to take that for an answer. Drs. Lee and Mauricio instead tapped into their own medical and biochemical knowledge to identify how to restore his proper cognitive function. All in all, Drs. Lee and Mauricio identified 70 essential substances. Soon after he started taking these herbs, oils, vitamins, and minerals, Dr. Lee’s cognitive function was fully restored – no other treatments taken!

If Liveli could transform a sick man’s life so dramatically, it could certainly support my neurological health. My brother and I ordered the Liveli All In System, and I started my regimen as soon as it arrived.

The Liveli All In System has three parts: Sleep Peacefulli, Restore Dayli, and Focus Clearli. The formulas work together to promote brain cell health and quality sleep for proper recovery. The Liveli website clearly lays out each of the 70 or so ingredients, so it’s easy to understand exactly what’s in every dose I take.

In years past, I found it difficult to commit to taking pills, but Liveli makes it super easy to make supplements a part of my daily routine. There are only eight easy-to-swallow pills: four in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening. I take Restore Dayli when I eat breakfast right alongside my coffee, Focus Clearli after lunch so I can perform at my best all afternoon, and Sleep Peacefulli about an hour before I go to sleep. Each dose is packed in its own convenient tear pouch, too, so I can bring them with me to work or while traveling.

After a month of going “all in” on Liveli, my brother and I met up for lunch to discuss our experiences. My brother, who always had trouble sleeping, is sleeping for longer and wakes up more refreshed than he ever did in his adult life. As for me, I feel more alert at work, and my once-inevitable post-lunch slump is virtually gone. We agreed that “joining the Livelihood” was the best move we made for our health — and we have Dr. Lee and Dr. Mauricio to thank!

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