Six Must Haves When Traveling With A Baby

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Bringing a baby on a plane can be a major hassle for many parents. Being a handful at home is one thing, but you’re also bringing them to a place far from home and out of their comfort zone. With this in mind, a lot of parents think they actually need to be bringing a lot of things to keep baby happy (and quiet).  The reality is that children under the age of two need very few things in terms of essentials. We’ve compiled all of them into a convenient list for you here.

The first is a stroller. This one goes without saying for baby essentials and we recommend the UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller. It weighs in at 11 pounds, making it one of the lightest strollers you can buy. There’s also a reclining feature which is great for naps and can fold up to make carrying this around easy.

The next is a baby carrier. The big reason that you want to consider this is often times places where you plan to visit don’t allow strollers. Furthermore, if you are going to a crowded place, a stroller can get in the way a lot. For this pick, we recommend the Baby Bjorn Carrier which has a front and back carrying positions for your convenience.

The third item is a portable high chair. Naturally restaurants will have high chairs, however, it never hurts to bring your own. Not to mention if you bring your own a lot of high chairs will have extra features. Take the Inglesina Fast Table Chair; it’s a portable high chair making it light and very easy to carry around.

Fourth on the list is sanitizing wipes. Babies need clean environments of course and when you are traveling you need to be cleaning up the areas even more. With meals on the go, frequent trips to public restrooms, disinfectant wipes that are baby-safe are necessary. We recommend BabyGanics sanitizer wipes as they are alcohol-free.

The fifth item is a portable snack container and you won’t find any other one better than Zoli’s On-the-Go Snack Dispenser. Not only are they stackable, but they are also compact and are incredibly handy for storing a variety of snacks. You can use them for baby formula, too.

For the parents who have children who know how to crawl we have a handy tool in the form of painter’s tape. The biggest issue you can run into is if your baby knows how to crawl they may fiddle with electrical outlets. For this reason, you want to make sure that your room is baby-proofed. The tape helps a lot in preventing electrical shock but you can also use the tape to tape in place dresser drawers. What’s also nice with this tape is that it’s sturdy but it doesn’t leave a sticky residue like most other tapes.

With these items, you are in better hands to take care of your child than before. Of course, you don’t want to forget toys, but even that you can keep to a minimum. In the end, these items are light, relatively inexpensive and ensure that your trip is not as stressful on you physically and mentally.

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