Why Self-Discovery Is Important

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When we are on our own personal journey, often times we are striving to find our authentic self. This personal journey can involve looking at our values, natural talents and abilities, passions, capabilities, and what inspires us. All of these things and (and many more) are all part of self-discovery.

The things discovered as the self-discovery process can be transferred in other areas of our lives. Take, for example, our relationships. With self-discovery we actually come to accept ourselves more and as a result, we care less about others’ approval. We can begin to be more comfortable with ourselves and this can push people away. While there are fewer people in our lives, those who are leaving us are people that are normally too critical for us, force their own agenda on us, or are generally negative people. Instead, those people will be replaced with people who love us for the person that we are and are becoming.

Self-discovery is also important in our careers are well. How many times have you heard people not being happy with their job? Oftentimes when that happens it’s because either they listened to someone else or they didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives. Self-discovery helps us to identify our abilities, but also how we can leverage and develop them. Because people can know what they are passionate about, it’s easier to grasp the concepts and accept them. Thus we find paths that we want to pursue and will make us happier.

If that isn’t enough, self-discovery can also help us in being physically healthier as well. Clearly, self-discovery helps us on the mental side of things however it can also affect our physical health. It’s not out of the question that the more we understand ourselves the more we develop a deep care and consideration for our body. We slowly become mindful about what it is that we eat–it’s also why some people see morning walks and days at the gym as a form of self-care. Those things are obviously important to living a more healthier lifestyle.

But while all of these things are important, many people don’t realize those things and they suffer the consequences. If you don’t understand yourself it can lead to people believing that their existence is meaningless and they are unhappy about many things. People who also don’t know themselves often lack control over their emotions and decisions and have those things be determined by external factors. People wear what others wear or what people think it is “in”. People will also act and be involved in certain activities because that’s what others are doing.

In the end, if you don’t participate in self-discovery, your goals, core beliefs and values will be dictated by those whom you associate with or by society in general. It’s for this reason and the reasons mentioned above why self-discovery is so important.

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