Organic Food over GMOs

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Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs are in many of the foods that people consume on a daily basis. Since the early 90s, GMOs have been used by farmers for their products, however, standards changed in the early 2000s when organic regulations were passed. They revealed the dangers of GMOs, but also why farmers should be moving to more organic foods and established standards for farmers to be considered as organic farmers.

Because of this sequence of events, a wave of health officials have been talking about and encouraging others to go organic and people listened. They made the switch and noticed a lot of remarkable changes thanks to the switch. Below we share some examples and other reasons for making the switch to organic food.

The first big reason is that the regulations that were introduced are quite robust. In order to get the organic sticker on their product, a farmer needs to prove that from the farm to the table no GMOs were used in the process at all. The process is long and requires testing so at the end of the day you know the organic foods are quality foods. On top of the organic regulations, farmers also need to have healthy soils as well as promote environmental stewardship and biodiversity.

Another reason for organic foods over GMOs is by buying organic you are promoting better public health and creating a healthier environment. By avoiding GMOs, you are condoning the use of toxic pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers which does far more harm to our health than good. Pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers are prohibited by organic regulations.

When it comes to choosing organic meat, you can feel safe knowing that the animals involved were raised organically. This is good news for you because it’s common practice for non-organic farmers to use antibiotics, growth hormones, or other artificial drugs. Not only does it hurt the animal during the whole process, but whatever they produce also has traces of chemicals and drugs in them too. This can cause a number of problems in us as consumers.

As mentioned above, there is growing evidence that the use of pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs in general cause issues to our health. On top of that pile of research, there are several studies that show the power of organic food. Not only do we have people telling their own stories about the benefits, but research also shows that organic foods have more nutrients than foods that are grown in the traditional method. Some of these nutrients can even be antioxidants.

The last good reason for making the switch to organic is that even if you get processed organic goods, you can be sure that those too are safe. Processed organic products go through an even stricter certification process. These standards are in place to ensure that those getting the organic seal of approval have no artificial preservatives, flavor, or colorings and have no traces of ionizing radiation.

As you can see organic food is top quality food. Even though it’s more expensive than the GMO-filled foods, the extra price difference is well worth it if the food you are getting can make such a huge impact on your life.

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