5 Ways to Stay Motivated

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Motivation is a tricky thing and often times seen as a ploy for people to sell stuff. They promise you ways to be perpetually motivated or use tactics to keep you motivated and pumped during that time. These are nothing but scams, but that doesn’t mean that our desire for motivation is bad.

There are real ways to stay motivated but before we get to them it’s important to note that there will be times where we don’t feel motivated and that’s okay. Over a day, most people feel motivated for maybe a fifth of the day. Instead what’s important is that we move away from relying entirely on our feelings and find ways to continue to do work and find motivation in other things beyond what we feel at that time. With this in mind, here are some things you can do to keep pushing forward.

The first big one is getting an accountability partner. This should be someone that you respect and feel comfortable sharing some of your biggest goals with. In many cases when we pursue goals we don’t always value ourselves enough at the beginning or at various points in our lives. This system is important because you have someone else who cares about your success and will hold you accountable which makes you less likely to screw up.

Another way to stay motivated is to create real consequences for your inaction or procrastination. Deep down we don’t pursue our goals primarily because we justify not doing it with something else. Not only that but there is no consequence for our own inaction either. This makes it easier for us to put things off because we’ll never experience any kind of pain. For this reason, another good way to stay motivated is to introduce that pain either financially or socially. From creating a “task not finished” money jar to posting your journey on social media, these are tactics that can keep people accountable.

The third way to stay motivated is through the use of systems. Putting systems in place that automate good habits can help you starting out. There are many apps out there in the world that send reminders but also provide good benefits. There are apps that help you in drinking more water, exercise, save money, or set goals.

The fourth method is to begin removing barriers that stand between your goals and yourself. If you spend way too much time watching TV go and donate it. If you are trying to avoid sugar, go through your kitchen and throw out every sugary food you can find. If you have habits of surfing the internet and getting distracted by it, block certain sites over the day or turn off your wifi while you work (if possible). If you create environments where you are forced to eliminate the habit then it’s easier.

The final method for staying motivated and achieving your goals is to devote part of your day to learning something new. From an article to an activity, many people find doing one thing can lead to people doing more of that thing. If you want to exercise on a daily basis, start off by doing 10 push-ups. 10 push-ups will eventually change to you getting pumped to do 10 more or even exercise for a full 15 minutes or an hour.

There are many tricks to motivation and these are some of the best ones out there. If you need to feel motivated and get into your habits, consider these things.

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