Self-Care on a Budget

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You don’t need to spend much money to really take care of yourself. Contrary to the opinion that luxury involves spending huge sums of money, it does not. Most people can’t afford this kind of money, and that does not mean they are not entitled to enjoy themselves. Taking care of yourself is something that can refill your soul, body, and mind. Self-care is anything you use to take care of yourself (which is not part of your job).

So here is a list of 10 things you can do for yourself with little or no money.

Take a bath

Give yourself a bath. Soak yourself in it. Read a novel or your favorite magazine in the bath. Pour a glass of wine for yourself and enjoy. It is really an easy but impactful self-care strategy.

Make your own favorite coffee shop beverage

You can make a delicious vat of chai (either iced coffee or iced tea or something like that) and pour it for yourself every morning before going out. It tastes better just because you made it yourself.

Practice yoga through an online tutorial

There are a ton of videos teaching yoga online. You can just download or stream one at your own convenience. The best thing about this is it is almost free (apart from the cost of data) and you can do it on your own time whether it is 6 am or 11 pm

Have a walk-and-talk with a friend

You can make exercising enjoyable. Go with a friend, jog or walk a few blocks for some minutes. It is free and really helps you to catch up with your friends.

Meditate with an app

Meditation can now easily be done with mobile apps. There are plenty of apps to choose from. They all have a guided meditation for all moods.

Go to an exercise class once a week

You can schedule a class for yourself in the neighborhood for a little bit of money. Make sure to tell people around you that it is your You-time and it shouldn’t be disturbed.

Have a long walk/run/hike listening to your favorite podcast

If you think listening to your favorite podcast while at home is good, then you have to try listening to it when you are running or jogging or walking or hiking or biking, it is awesome.

Call your friends. Don’t text

If you have moved far away from friends, then it is important to call them at random. It gives you a chance to catch up on people’s lives. Even if they are not available to pick up, leave them a long message that they can listen to. Sometimes, it just helps to listen to the voice of loved ones.

Do your nails

You don’t need to visit the manicurist before you fix your nails. You can have beautiful nails relatively cheap. Just get a nail polish in a drugstore and do it yourself.

Enjoy the subscriptions you have

Make sure you enjoy all your subscriptions on Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. Ensure you do not pay for something you are not going to watch or listen to.


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