The Unique but Often Overlooked Personality Types C and D

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One’s personality trait often forms the bedrock for the attitudes, mindset, and character-leaning of the individual. So fundamental is one’s personality that acclaimed New York City Psychoanalyst and author declared thus: “Knowing yourself is the first battle won.”

However, knowing yourself vis-a-vis your strengths, weakness, proclivities, inclinations, and persuasions among other character traits is no stroll through a park. Many individuals rifle through a tone of online materials to pick from to situate their personalities. If they do navigate through this complicated process, another hurdle entails trying to make sense of the information received on the subject matter of identifying their real personalities.

Hitherto, individuals were broadly classified into two groups: Types A and B. People with type a personality are often described with the following superlatives: high strung, competitive, ambitious as well as overachieving. For category B, expect descriptions of people as laidback and overly chill.

But did you know that there are other personality traits beyond A and B? Oh yes, there is, and it provides interesting reading. The different personality types are called C and D. So let us look into these unique character dispositions in some detail.

A type D individual is someone that goes through negative emotions like stress, depression, and anxiety. Rather than confront these emotions, the D persona often choose the path of least resistance, choosing to ignore these emotions, which leads to illnesses. Other compelling features of the type D personality borders on an unwillingness to disclose innermost feelings and a tendency to feel insecure in relationships. Besides, people with this character trait are susceptible to health conditions like cardiac arrest.

Oops, we skipped type C personality. Individuals in this category are your quintessential perfectionists. They strive for excellence, often devoting copious amounts of time to completing one specific task. Although they may seem quiet and contemplative on the outside, they are seething inside.

The type C mindset also opens members to feeling the effects of being emotionally repressed and unassertive. Striving for perfection also places its toll on this kind of people. However, things somehow balance out because the Type C persona can draw on other positive traits such as being thoughtful and dependable.

What steps can you take with this knowledge?

Now that you have an understanding of the different personality types, it is essential to take action concerning the characteristics of your personality profile. Experts advise the following:

  1. Know and accept your personality to care for yourself, nourish, replenish, and exercise compassion towards yourself, which leads to a good life.
  2. Patients with Types C and D personalities should go the extra length in exercising regularly and keeping fit, paying particular attention to their cardiovascular health.
  3. Acceptance does not mean you cannot work on improving yourself. You can strive to understand weaknesses/shortcomings as well as leverage on strengths and giftings.
  4. You can seek professional help and counseling to gain a better understanding of your personality type.

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