Clothing Ideas For Thanksgiving – No Matter Where You Are

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Thanksgiving is once again here and along with it comes a variety of customs that every person does every year. No doubt you’ve experienced some of them like turning on your TV bright and early to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Or perhaps you’re scanning through Pinterest to find that sweet potato recipe that’ll satisfy your guests. But one thing always looms over you on this occasion: What exactly should you wear when you finally get to sit down?

While it may be simple for some, it’s important to note that every person celebrates holidays differently. Some have traditions that they stick to while others are more lay back. Whatever the case may be, below we have some fashion ideas to consider that’ll be good for specific scenarios.

The first is if you’re spending dinner with either your in-laws or significant other’s parents place. Even if you’re a frequent visitor, it never hurts to make a distinct impression if they don’t have a specific dress code. If this is your first time meeting them then you really can’t go wrong with a suit. Fit yourself with a suit that’s a relaxed fit paired with a thin sweater, some dress pants to match and a pair of mules.

If you’re spending time at the house and it’s just you and someone else, we’ve got an outfit for that too. In this scenario you want to be dressed up, but still be comfy in the outfit too. For this recommendation we go for a lace blouse (go for bold red for a romantic flare) and pair that with some stretchy jeans. You can also go a little wild with the jewelry as well – it’s your house after all.

One of the great things about Thanksgiving is that you get the decision to celebrate the day with the family of your choosing. It can be your own family, but there is nothing wrong with getting together with a group of your friends and celebrating together. If you decide to do that, we recommend something a little more casual since you can be yourself. Still for this occasion, we encourage you to be a little flexible with your style. To do that we suggest a bright top  paired with a midi skirt and your favourite pair of sneakers for comfort.

Another tradition some families have is attending or participating in Thanksgiving football. In this instance you want to wear clothing that will help you be prepared for that. For this look it’s simple in design with just a pair of jeans, some sneakers and a fleece half-zip. And for those with longer hair, don’t forget about a hair tie.

The final outfit we recommend is for situations where you dine out. It might not be traditional, but some families do get tired of making thanksgiving year after year and want to mix things up. In this situation you want to go all out with something fancy. If you’ve got a new dress, be sure to bust that out. We also recommend you pick out a good pair of boots along with a bag.

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with your family and with this list, you should be able to pick an outfit just fine so you can focus on the more important things for this holiday.

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