Cringe-worthy First Date Kiss Stories

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Dating is hard, and first dates are even harder, especially if you’re the type who offers first date kisses (provided that they’re worth a second date). It’s during these times where things can come crumbling apart all because they botch that kiss.

We’ve all experienced a less-than-perfect first kiss. In fact, there’s an entire Reddit thread devoted to sharing stories about these terrible first date kiss experiences. Check out some cringe-worthy tales of first date kisses gone awry, below.

For the record, though, not all these bad first kiss stories end up with the couple breaking up. Some of them end up with the couple marrying and simply sharing the story later about how they ended up together.

“I went on my first date with this girl in high school. She picked up me because I did not have my drivers license. We went to the mall and had dinner at her parents’ house afterward. At the end of the date, I wanted to do the gentlemanly thing and give her a swift peck on the cheek. However, she had a very different idea on how to end the evening. My date intercepted my cheek-kiss attempt and went for a full-on French kiss. I pulled away quickly, very surprised at the sudden change of pace. She said, ‘Well, that was weird. See you soon, I guess,’ and quickly walked away. We reconciled on the following Monday during English class and promptly planned a second date. We were engaged five years later, married a year after that, and will have been together for nine years in January. So, I suppose it ended up OK.”

  • Josh, 27

“My worst first kiss was after a really lackluster dinner date. We had zero chemistry and the conversation was pretty awkward. I wanted to go home, but my date suggested we get gelato and eat it in a nearby park. I felt bad turning him down, so I agreed. In the park, he asked if he could try my gelato. He took a bite from my spoon and stuck the spoon back into the cup. Then he said, ‘Now that my germs are in your food, they can be on your face, too.’ He grabbed my face, pinned me against the park bench, and gave me an extremely slobbery kiss with tons of tongue.”

  • Hannah, 25

First kiss with my husband: We were in our mid-20s, he asked me if he could kiss me and I said yes. He leaned in and was like an inch away and I started giggling. I have a nervous laugh. He stops to let me compose myself and then kissed me when I was calm again.

  • Muriness

My first kiss with the most recent guy I went out with was pretty messy and awkward. First of all, we were in a bowling alley for our second date with a bunch of younger kids near us. I was feeling the vibe that he wanted to make a move and he eventually did after all of our games. I wouldn’t have minded the kiss if it were not for the fact that he really went in and he tried shoving his tongue in my mouth. I’m cool with making out but not in front of a bunch of kids in a bowling alley. Call me lame or whatever but that’s not my thing. I instinctively pushed him away and just said I had to run to the bathroom. Needless to say, among many other reasons, there wasn’t a third date.

  • CLGbigthrows


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