How This New Organic Juice Keeps Cold And Flu Season At Bay

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I do everything I can to stay healthy during cold and flu season. I get eight hours of sleep each night, I’m careful to use hand sanitizer throughout the day, and I even pop a daily multivitamin to help boost my immunity. It’s pretty effective most of the time, but I’m still haunted by the memory of a nasty cold I caught last year, one that forced me to take two unpaid days from work and miss my friend’s birthday party. I vowed after that point to up my health game!

Even though these healthy habits were already a part of my life, my diet still needed a little boost. I don’t have the greatest eating habits — I’m well-known in the office for working through lunch and relying on the vending machine to tide me over until dinner. If health starts in the gut, I thought, I’m not giving my body the healing, nutritious love it deserves. It was time to find an easy, convenient, and most importantly, effective way to give my gut — and my immune system — the extra boost it sorely needed, especially for cold and flu season!

My nutritionist friend Amy knew my struggle to stick to a regular eating schedule and recommended I check out Suja, a line of organic cold-pressed juices formulated to boost overall wellness, immunity, and resiliency to illness. Amy recommended I start with a Suja Wellness Shot every other day and see how I felt. Intrigued by the convenient, pre-portioned 2-ounce shots and the simple one-a-day commitment, I bought a case of the Immunity Shot formulation from their website and left it in the company fridge. But could one shot of juice a day (or so) really keep cold and flu season away?

Suja’s Immunity Shot is formulated with good-for-you, USDA-certified organic ingredients. Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free, the Immunity Shot blends some of nature’s most powerful anti-virals antioxidants, including ginger, black pepper, camu camu, and echinacea. Turmeric, one of the most powerful roots out there, is packed with antioxidant-boosting curcumin, plus it gives the Immunity Shot its fabulous orange hue. Best yet, it’s packed with live probiotics that fortify the gut, boosting the good bacteria bodies need to fight infection.

The sounds of sniffles filled the air at work when I was about three weeks, or 10 bottles, deep in my new winter wellness regimen. While my officemates called out sick, I stuck with my newly-enhanced daily routine of going to bed early, taking my multivitamin, and throwing back my Suja shot when the clock struck 12 noon. Even as my direct supervisor and the intern called out sick, I still came to the office every day, feeling focused, ready to work, and confident that I could dodge that pesky wintertime illness once and for all.

To be honest, my renewed resilience to colds and flu didn’t surprise me — I knew just how incredibly powerful taking proper care of your body can be. What did absolutely floor me, though, was how much more energy I had. That 2 p.m. slump due to not eating enough — and not eating well — was nowhere near as awful as it once was.

As it turns out, our stomachs actually play a huge role in our energy levels. A digestive tract with the right balance of healthy bacteria supports improved digestion and sugar management, minimizing that mid-afternoon slump and allowing for proper absorption of energy-boosting nutrients. No wonder I simply felt so good! The healing power of nature is truly incredible, and now, thanks to Suja, I can harness it wherever I want, whenever I want.

Thinking about trying Suja? Act quick! They just restocked the Immunity Shot on their website, but move fast — they sell out in record time!

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