Apple iOS 12.1.2 Update Issues Could Effect Your Cell Data

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Updates are nothing new these days, but some people are especially excited for updating immediately. I don’t blame you, as CEOs show off what the updates will bring and you can’t help but be excited for them. But right now with Apple’s latest iOS update 12.1.2, I’d recommend you wait a bit.

Why? Because users have already been reporting problems that the update had a serious effect on their cellular data.


On Tuesday, December 18, the update was released to fix a connectivity issue with iPhones in Turkey. This update was available to all Apple users who have iPhone 5s or newer, iPad mini 2 or newer, and 6th generation iPod touch or newer. Of course the update did fix the connectivity issues with Turkey, however, it created other problems for others. Users were quick to report that after the update, they couldn’t connect their cellular data to their iPhones.


Many turned to Twitter and talked about the issues. A woman from Ireland reported issues on December 19. Then a man in Texas experienced similar issues. He sent a tweet on December 20 about the issue. Even a man from Canada talked about the issue on December 22.


All of those reports were issued throughout the past few days. That being said, it’s hard to tell right now how many this update has affected by this issue. Regardless, Apple is still dedicated to their customers and has provided some support. Already they’ve responded to the issue by instructing people to turn their phone off and on again. Furthermore, Apple Support on Twitter has told users that have specific issues to direct message them. That seems to be the case for many as the initial strategy hasn’t worked quite well.


As for the update in question, the update 12.1.2 wasn’t just to solve a connectivity issue in Turkey. The update was also used to fix bugs with eSIM activation for iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR.

This means that unless you’ve had any issues with eSIM activation and you don’t live or plan to travel to Turkey anytime soon, then you don’t need this update at all. Unlike the previous updates before this, none of the apps that you have will be impacted by this update. The functionality of the iPhone will be basically the same, ignoring the reported issues that users have after they updated their phone.


So do yourself a favor and if you haven’t updated your phone yet, hold off until 12.1.3 is available.

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